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An old woman goes ziplining in the park! The Internet goes crazy!

We always hear that age is not something that should be considered when you want to do things from your heart! Whenever it comes to doing things you always wanted to do then you should not surely take a step back in doing so! Age is nothing to consider when it comes to fulfilling one’s wishes. Well currently this viral video has proved the fact through and all the social media users who came across that are totally loving it. 

In this latest viral video which has been winning hearts on the internet, you can see a 72-year-old woman is seen fearlessly ziplining in a park. As per the reports the park in which she is filmed is located in Kerala’s Palakkad. The old woman first saw the zipline while she was just having a walk in the park. She was super adventurous and her age could not dampen her adventurous spirit. Well, as seen in the video, she wanted to experience the thrill of ziplining and went for it. 

As seen in the clip, the woman, clad in a traditional Kerala saree, went ziplining. Surely, she was out there full-on while enjoying the adventure she wanted to give a try. “I was not afraid at all…I liked it. It was fun,” the woman was heard saying in the video. Also, further in the clip, she gives a thumbs-up to the person who was present with her in the video. “This is Paruamma. She buried her dreams within herself. I helped her in fulfilling one of her dreams. Let there be more people like Paruamma,” said the caption of the video in Malayalam. 

This viral video was originally shared on the interest in the Instagram handle called yathrikan. The Instagram handle ‘Yathrikan’ commented saying that the video is from Pothundy located in Palakkad and this reel was successful in proving that age has no boundaries set and you can really live your life the way you want as you wish! As soon as this video clip was shared on Instagram,it went super viral and has now got more than 47,000 likes so far. 

All the social media users who came across the video clip were seen showering all the love and support for the woman in the video’s comment section. Truly, it was a video that indeed left everyone awestruck. Also, many social media users pointed out how the woman absolutely aced it even as she enjoyed her experience and followed what her heart said going for an adventure that she wanted to try out. Surely a super heartwarming video that will not only bring a smile on your face but also has a tendency to make your day!

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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