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Andhra woman builds a temple in memory of her dead husband, offers prayers to his statue!

You may have heard a lot of times that people build statues or even a temple as a memory for a deceased family member. The respective family members do this so that they can do something memorable and precious in the name of a deceased family member of the family. Recently one such thing happened where a wife built a temple for her dead husband.

Padmavati from Prakasam district located in Andhra Pradesh built a temple as a memory for her husband who passed away in an accident 4 years ago. She usually offers prayers and worships the marble statue which is in the form of her husband. She has definitely considered him as a God all her life.

On asking her the reason to do so Padmavati said that she decided to build the temple for her husband, named Ankireddy, as one day he appeared in Padmavati’s dream just after the few days after his death which happened in 2017. As he came into her dream, Ankireddy asked her to build a temple for himself. And as Padmavati was all devastated after the death of her husband in a road accident, she thought of fulfilling his wish that her husband asked in her dreams.

As Padmavati comes from a conservative family, she said that she has always seen her mother worshiping her father and so, she thought that she will also choose to follow her mother’s path after she got married.

As she took a step to fulfill her dead husband’s wish, that he asked her to build a temple for himself, she erected an idol of her husband which was all made up of marble in the temple and she started worshipping him since then. She offers prayers and worships him like a God as she said that her husband was like a God for her. Regularly, she performs Puja. And usually on special occasions, like for her husband Ankireddy’s birthday, she would usually perform religious ceremonies like anointing her husband’s marble idol. 

And whenever it is a full moon day, Padmavati also does some good work by distributing free food among poor people, as by this way, she helps them too. She also got help from her son Shivshankar Reddy and her husband Ankireddy’s friend Tirupati Reddy, as they also supported her and helped her in performing the temple services. As per some reports, Padmavati’s son, Shivshankar Reddy is also proud and supports her every step she takes. Indeed it is a very unique way of showing her love and devotion towards her deceased husband!

As mentioned earlier, this is not the first time that someone has built a statue or temple in memory of their deceased family member. One such thing also happened in Telangana, as a grandson built a temple for his grandfather. Eshwar, who was the grandson of Mogulappa’s younger brother, was actually adopted by Mogulappa, as Mogulappa had no children. He took care of Eshwar as his own child and when Mogulappa died in 2013, Eshwar thought of making a small temple for his grandfather and spent rupees 24 lakhs and also got a statue of him made.

Similarly, Srinivas Murthy, a businessman who lives in Karnataka, lost his wife in an accident that happened 3 years ago. He loved his wife so much that he installed a life-size statue of his wife in his new house and last year when he hosted a house warming ceremony, he installed the statue there as he thought that she had to be with him on that special occasion. The silicon statue looked so real with life-like features like wrinkles, joints. At the housewarming party, the silicon statue was all dressed in pink and golden saree, looking almost real. These all news definitely show the love of the family member for the one who is no more.



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