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Aphmau is a well-known American YouTuber and Twitch broadcaster most recognised for her role in Minecraft video games. Aphmau was born Jessica “Jess” Bravura in Houston, Texas, United States of America, on October 16, 1989. She grew raised with her half-brother after her parents divorced after she was born. Aphmau is now happily married. Jason Bravura is her husband, and they have four children: Joseph, Julia, Jennifer, and Jessabelle.

The early life of Aphmau

Jessica “Aphmau” “Bravura” was born on October 16, 1989, in Houston, Texas, USA, under the sign of Libra, and so is an American citizen. Aphmau’s parents already had a child, Aphmau’s half-brother from her mother’s first marriage, when she was born. Aphmau’s parents divorced when she was approximately two years old, which was a difficult experience for both parents and children, but Aphmau believes that her parent’s divorce was probably for the best since they opted not to quarrel in front of their children. Aphmau then shared a home with her grandparents and aunt’s family, while her mother was forced to relocate to her parent’s home.

Aphmau made a lot of friends in elementary school, even offering her lunch money when someone didn’t have it or forgot it. She believes that these events made other youngsters envious of her fame and excellent name, and as a result, they began to bully her, and Aphmau became withdrawn. She graduated in 2007 and relocated to Philadelphia, where her partner lived, to begin her collegiate career. She never revealed what it was called, but she did say she studied business management.

Career on YouTube and Internet fame

Aphmau revealed in one of her videos that when she first started playing Final Fantasy XI Online in 2004, her life changed forever: she not only spent hours on the game, but she also met her future husband, who was also a fan. They were watching a lot of YouTubers when they were married and started living together, and they believed it would be a fantastic option for them: Aphmau was going to become a full-time mother because she was pregnant with their first child. They decided that she would come up with new ideas while Jason would handle the technical aspects of the YouTube channel.

Several friends assisted them in the early phases of their YouTube channel development, but due to personal differences, all of their pals dropped out of the project, leaving Aphmau and Jason to work on their channel alone. Aphmau’s work began after she gave birth to her first and then second child; she often made the movies while in excruciating agony as she recovered from C-sections.

They started by filming movies on several games, but especially Minecraft, under the name “Challenge Accepted Inc.” On their YouTube channel, they now have three series: “MyStreet: When Angels Fall” (which has six seasons), “Human Fall Flat,” and “Gacha Life (Parodies).” The series consists primarily of role-playing films featuring numerous characters from the Minecraft computer game. Aphmau produces narrative lines and records videos with Jason’s technological assistance, and her films are well received by the public, who eagerly await the next episodes of their programs.

Aphmua’s husband and children

While playing the game “Final Fantasy XI Online,” Aphmau and her partner, Jason “Bravura,” virtually met one other. They began dating in real life, though it was difficult to maintain because he resided in New Jersey and she could only see him when she could. When she reached the age of 18, she moved in with Jason and began living with him. Aphmau found out she was pregnant soon after, and she also found out Jason was planning to propose to her, but it all occurred a little sooner than they both intended; nonetheless, they married in the middle of her first pregnancy, and celebrated their wedding in March 2012 at Disney World.

She gave birth to their first son, Joseph, through C-section in July 2012 owing to a medical condition, despite her desire to give birth naturally without drugs. Julia, her second child, was born to her in 2014 through C-section. Aphmau and Jason had their third child, a daughter named Jennifer, in May.

Presence on social media

Aphmau began her career on YouTube, but other social media channels aided her in spreading the word about her channel, therefore she is active across a variety of platforms. As of May 2019, her major source of fame and revenue, the YouTube channel “Aphmau,” has 4.6 million followers. She also has two more YouTube channels, “Aphmau Fantasy” (with over 500,000 followers) and “Aphmau Vlogging” (with over 420,000 subscribers), albeit she doesn’t post there very often.

Her Facebook page has over 37,000 followers, while her Instagram account has over 920,000 followers. Her Twitter account is also incredibly popular, with over 400,000 followers. Jason, her husband, also has an Instagram account with over 220,000 followers, where he posts various family images.

Aphmau’s Net Worth

Aphmau has amassed a sizable net worth as a result of her persistent and hard work on her YouTube channel. Her entire net worth is believed to be over $6.3 million, however, her secondary channels brought in less money ($27,000 from “Aphmau Fantasy” and just $4,000 from “Aphmau Vlogging”) because she doesn’t participate in any of the activities. She is quite active on Instagram and is certain to get a consistent income from it.

Aphmau and Jason also have a website with products that are sometimes sold out due to the large number of admirers that purchase clothing and accessories from it. Aphmau’s net worth is expected to increase in the future since she recently gave birth to her third kid and will need some time to recuperate. However, she continues to release new videos even with a newborn baby, so her net worth will only increase in the future.


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