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Jessica Vanessa, also known as Jessica DeLeon, is a model and actress. Vanessa is an actress and internet celebrity from the United States. Vanessa rose to notoriety after sharing hilarious videos on Vine, a social media platform. She also rose to prominence after Cosmopolitan Magazine featured her as “The Woman Who Makes Six Figures As A Professional Twerker.” She had almost 2 million followers on Vine before it was taken down. Her Instagram account has almost a million followers.

In this wiki blog, you will find out about Jessica Vanessa’s age, birthday, height, weight, family, boyfriend, and much more. Keep reading.

Biography of Jessica Vanessa

Jessica Vanessa DeLeon is an internet celebrity, social media influencer, dancer, comedian, and actress from the United States who rose to prominence after posting twerking videos on YouTube. She was born in Florida and has always enjoyed dancing and performing, even as a toddler. She would frequently attend parties, observe people dancing, and mimic their movements. DeLeon began working as an assistant kindergarten teacher after graduating from high school. With the aid of her brother, she created her Vine account in May 2014. Her original work consisted primarily of comedic sketches. Before she started twerking, she used it to gain her first few thousand fans. She had over two million Vine subscribers at the height of her fame.

Jessica’s AGE

Jessica DeLeon Vanessa, a social media celebrity from the United States, was born on April 13, 1992, in Orlando, Florida. Jessica will be 28 years old in the year 2020. On April 13th, she celebrates her birthday.

Vanessa Jessica’s Physical Dimensions

Vanessa DeLeon, an American actress, stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches, or 1.65 meters. She also has a weight of 55 kilograms, or 121 pounds.

Jessica Vanessa’s educational background

Jessica DeLeon, a social media star and actress, has a somewhat unknown early life. Vanessa worked as a teaching assistant in Florida before becoming an actor.

Jessica Vanessa’s family includes her parents, siblings, and cousins.

Vanessa swiftly acquired 1.9 million Vine followers and began receiving payments from marketers to promote items once she began uploading her dance videos on the platform. Jessica grew up with her brother Joshua, who now assists her in filming films. To top it off, she is surrounded by a loving family, including her grandma, whom she characterizes as “crazy.” Raphael Deleon, Jessica’s father, is the only one who is wary of what she does, but he tries to encourage her despite his fear that many others may interpret it as sexual.

Career Life of Jessica Vanessa

Vanessa DeLeone was working as a teaching assistant in Florida when she started posting Vine videos of herself dancing. Jessica swiftly grew her following to 1.9 million people. She immediately began to get compensated by advertisements for promoting their products.

“What I make in six seconds would take me four months to make as a teaching assistant,” Vanessa says. Her brother assisted her by acting as her cameraman. DeLeon started making viral videos to prominent hip-hop songs like O.T. Genasis’ “Thick” and Dorian’s “Don’t Sleep” on Instagram. While the majority of online reactions to her art have been supportive, she told Jezebel that she’s had two huge “breakdowns” as a result of hostile online comments she’s gotten. Vanessa turned her internet celebrity into acting in 2016, landing roles in Chris Stokes’ films Only For One Night and Til Death Do Us Part.

Social channels

Her Tiktok ID is itsjessicavanessa, and she has over 317 followers on the platform. On Instagram, she always has the sexiest photos. also, she has more than one million followers there too. She is a social media influencer. She has worked with a number of influential people. It is well-liked for its exquisite look. She usually shares the sexiest photographs on Instagram when she wants to go.

DeLeon was one of the few Vine stars who successfully transitioned to other prominent social media platforms when the app was shut down in 2017. She currently posts her stuff on Instagram, where she has over one million followers. Her strong internet profile has led to lucrative modeling offers, and she made her acting debut in the romance drama ‘Boy Bye’ in 2016.

Jessica Vanessa’s dating life

Vanessa keeps a low profile when it comes to her personal life. Jessica is focused on her profession and appears to spend more time with her family in her spare time. She is a single mother with no children. As soon as new information becomes available, it will be updated.

Jessica Vanessa’s net worth

Vanessa, an American actress, is reported to have a net worth of $700,000, which she earned from her YouTube videos. Jessica is also compensated for advertising things on the internet.

Vanessa has made significant progress in both her acting and social media entertainment careers. Jessica’s pay is currently being reviewed and will be updated soon.


Jessica Vanessa DeLeon (born April 13, 1992) is an internet celebrity and actress from the United States. DeLeon rose to notoriety after submitting hilarious videos to the social media app Vine and was named “The Woman Who Makes Six Figures Being A Professional Twerker” by Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Vanessa turned her internet celebrity into acting in 2016, landing roles in Chris Stokes’ films Only For One Night and Til Death Do Us Part.


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