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Archer Season 13: What We Know So Far, Read Here!

Adult animated series are increasingly being released on FXX, a platform owned by FX networks. The Simpsons, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, and Solar Opposites are just a few of the current shows they have. The world’s deadliest spy, Sterling Archer, and his associates at the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS), a fictional New York-based intelligence agency, are the focus of the television series Archer. The program focuses on Archer’s troubled relationships with his mother, coworkers, missions, and other areas of his life.

Adam Reed produced Archer for FX. Along with Matt Thompson and Casey Willis, Reed serves as the show’s executive producer. After being acquired by Fabian Kingsworth’s spy organization, the International Intelligence Agency, or IIA, the gang will attempt to maintain their identity and independence this season. The show’s first season debuted on September 17, 2009, and its 13th season is ready to air.

Over the years, Archer has been recognized with numerous honors, including Primetime Emmy Awards, Critics Choice Awards, and Annie Awards. Are you interested in learning more about the characters, storyline, streaming information, and other aspects of Archer Season 13? Here is what we currently know.

Archer Season 13 Release date

The first episode of Archer Season 13 will show on FXX on Wednesday, August 24, 2022, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. After that, new episodes will air every week. Even though Archer Season 13 will begin on FXX, a fresh episode will air the following day on Hulu. If you don’t already have Hulu, you can get a subscription for $6.99 a month for Hulu with advertisements or $12.99 a month for Hulu without ads. Here is a link to the Hulu landing page for the program. The thirteenth season of Archer will include eight episodes, much as the previous one. The length of each episode will typically be around 30 minutes.

The cast of Archer Season 13  

In Season 13, H. Jon Benjamin will return to voice the titular Archer. In animated television programs, Benjamin is well known for lending his voice. In the animated series Bob’s Burgers, he now portrays Carl in Family Guy and Bob Belcher. Along with Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, O’Grady, Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil, and Home Movies, he has also made appearances in other animated series. Additionally, Benjamin has made appearances in television programs, including People of Earth and Master of None, and feature films like Martin & Orloff (2002) and A Bad Situationist (2008).

Whose Line Is It Anyway? Lana Kane’s voice actress Aisha Tyler will return for Season 13 of Archer. Presenter Tyler is best recognized for her recurring parts in series like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Friends. In Season 13 of Archer, Chris Parnell—renowned for portraying Jerry Smith in the science fiction animated series Rick and Morty—will return to play the dependable businessman Cyril Figgis. In 30 Rock, Parnell is recognized for his role as Dr. Leo Spaceman.

In addition, Judy Greer is coming back to play Cheryl/Carol Tunt, the insane office assistant. Greer has been in sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory, Arrested Development, and Two and a Half Men. You may be familiar with her from these appearances. Greer has also appeared in the Ant-Man movies as well as Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014), Jurassic World (2015), and Halloween (2018). In addition to these notable cast members, Season 13 will also see the return of Adam Reed as Ray Gillette, Lucky Yates as Algernop Krieger, and Amber Nash as Pam Poovey. This season’s guest stars include Kayvan Novak from What We Do in the Shadows, Christian Slater from Mr. Robot, Alison Pill from Star Trek: Picard, and Stephen Tobolowsky from Groundhog.

The late Jessica Walter, who provided the voice of Malory Archer, Archer’s mother, is one cast member who tragically won’t be returning this season. In March 2021, Walter went away. In the Season 12 finale of Archer, FX offered Malory a heartfelt send-off by having her pen a final letter to her son before retiring on the beach with her husband and Ron Cadillac, Archer’s biological father. Malory’s real-life husband, Ron Leibman, who also passed away in 2019, provided the voice for Ron Cadillac. In a moving tribute to the deceased performers, the final shot featured the two holding hands as they watched the sunset.

The plot of Archer Season 13  

The Season 13 Archer official summary is as follows: “Archer is an animated, half-hour comedy that follows Sterling Archer as he navigates the changing landscape of the spy world. This season, Archer and The Agency have been acquired by Fabian Kingsworth and the spy conglomerate known as IIA (International Intelligence Agency). As the gang struggles to find their identity performing odd missions for Fabian, one question arises: will they be able to maintain independence, or will they succumb to their corporate overlords?”


Early August 2022 saw the internet release of the Archer Season 13 trailer, just in time for the season’s debut. It demonstrates Archer’s struggles with accountability following the passing of his mother and the agency’s takeover by a large multinational corporation. Additionally, there seems to be a leadership struggle, with everyone from Pam to Cyril competing to be the “leader” of the firm. This is what their new employers want them to do because, if history indicates, this new collaboration will inevitably result in unexpected difficulties. Can anyone honestly expect to convince Sterling Archer to go to work? We’ll find out this season, I suppose.


Is Season 13 of Archer canceled?

Get free notifications when Archer is canceled or renewed. Update as of now, The 13th season of Archer has been ordered by FXX.

Will Hulu carry Archer Season 13?

The 13th season of Archer trailer returns to FXX and Hulu on August 24.

Ever had Archer canceled?

As of right now, FXX has not canceled Archer. Fans are left to speculate as to whether Jessica’s passing will affect the show’s future. Of course, if sufficient footage from season 12 had already been captured, it might be possible to use the same persona and voice for the following season.

Why is Ray absent from Season 12 of Archer?

Ray was conspicuously absent when the gang went on missions to England in Archer season 12, episode 3, “London Times,” then to Africa in episode 4, “Photo Op.” But it could be argued that he was already on a solo mission elsewhere.


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