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Aunt makes 10 year old nephew’s birthday special with a limousine!

Kids and their dreams are something that should be cherished. Many kids have a huge imagination level, and many have huge dreams of building it from it. Well, currently story of this one little kid and his dream is something that is when hitting the headlines. All the people who came across the video were so happy for him and stated that this might be his best birthday ever. This ten-year-old boy who had his best birthday ever is now going around on the Internet, and the video is going super viral. Well, of course, it was his best birthday because he got a million-dollar gift on his 10th birthday. As for the reports, his aunt wanted to surprise his nephew with a gift he would like, and he came up with this idea.

The little guy had never seen in a limousine in real life ever before. This is aunt wanted to make his birthday exhaust special by giving him a limo ride on his birthday. Now that is what something made his birthday extra special for sure. The guy not only got to look at the limo on his birthday but also got a ride in it, and is the reaction is just so priceless. As per the reports, his aunt came to pick him up at school on his birthday. She came in a limousine and was given the biggest surprise he could ever get.

The viral video:

This video was initially uploaded on Twitter back on January 28. It has more than two million abuse on it. Well, now the video is being shared widely on Instagram. Several Instagram users are sharing this video on their accounts and making it viral once again. All the social media users who came across this video gave the ant the “auntie of the year award” award. Talking about the birthday boy, he was just way on his back from his school. However, something unexpected happened when his ant made a very grand entrance. He saw his aunt in a black limousine. She then also wishes him, but the boy is left just completely surprised at that moment.

Aunt Nita in the video shared it also on her Twitter account by writing, “My nephew said he never saw a limo in real life, so I surprised him & pulled up to his school in one for his birthday (sic).”. After coming across the video, all people just left completely surprised and super happy. They could feel how happy and surprised the boy multifaith at that moment. The sweet was just shut up by the boys and something that has been again hitting the headlines.

It is great to have such an amazing aunt, and people were noting about it in the comment section of the post. Social media users from all around the globe are okay with the post’s comment section. It is to share their views on this amazing video. You also felt that the aunt is a great lady to make her nephew’s birthday, but this is extra special. What do you think about this video?

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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