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Batwoman Season 3 Release Date, Cast, and Plot, as well as the most recent updates

Batwoman Season 3 wasn’t a given going into season two, with Ruby Rose’s recasting causing a fan outcry (which turned out to be unfounded – Javicia Leslie was excellent as new lead Ryan Wilder) and message boards claiming the second season’s finale would be the last we’d see of The CW’s take on the character.

A significant drop in ratings for the premiere didn’t help matters.

Fortunately, the Batwoman Season 3 was renewed – and quickly.

“Though we’re just a few weeks into the new season, we wanted to get a strategic head start on next season with these early renewals, which allows our production teams to start laying out story arcs and hiring staff, and at the same time, continues to provide us with a strong, stable schedule to build on for next season,” Mark Pedowitz, Chairman and CEO of The CW Network said talking about the season three’s renewal.

That hasn’t stopped the negative rumors, claiming that the show will be canceled after the season three finale.

Hopefully, the rumors will be as unfounded as they were last, especially if season three is a smash hit.

However, there is a chance that the rumor mill is correct, which means that the season’s early renewal was primarily to assist the production team in bringing it to a satisfying conclusion.

We’re excited for Ryan Wilder and Kate Kane to return to Gotham for another female-led adventure. Everything you need to know about The CW’s caped justice crusader’s third installment.

Batwoman season 3 release date: 

Due to various factors (including, but not limited to, the current global situation), the premieres of Batwoman seasons one and two occurred at opposed times.

Season one debuted on October 6, 2019, but fans had to wait over a year for the sequel, which arrived on January 17, 2021.

We don’t expect such a big jump the next time, especially after the second season premiere’s ratings dip. Expect Batwoman Season 3 to strive for consistency with another January premiere in 2022.


There will be no significant changes this time around. Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder will continue to wear the cowl after proving herself a worthy replacement for Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane. Meanwhile, we’d expect Rose’s direct successor Wallis Day (a recasting Rose supported) to make a cameo or two in Batwoman Season 3.

Camrus Johnson and Nicole Kang will almost certainly reprise their roles as tech genius Luke Fox and medical student Mary Hamilton, respectively, as they continue to aid Ryan Wilder’s pursuit of justice.

Kate Kane’s father, Jacob (Dougray Scott), and the Joker-like Alice (Rachel Skarsten) are also likely to appear, especially if Batwoman Season 3 is the final season. They are involved in established plot threads from season one that must be resolved in some way if the series is to be a satisfying overall story.

Batwoman season 3 plot: 

Ryan Wilder’s main character will be explored further in the successive (final?) Batwoman Season 3.

“While Ryan never used drugs, she was in a relationship with someone who did, which ultimately landed Ryan in jail,” showrunner Caroline Dries told Entertainment Weekly.

“So, it’s this idea that Ryan is this innocent woman, and if she were white, per se, she might not have had the same punishment [that] she, as an innocent Black woman, had to go through. That’s a huge piece of her backstory, so that’s something we’re exploring.”

“Batwoman has this particular vendetta against the False Face Society because the idea of drugs permeating the city and nobody taking any responsibility for its strikes at her core.”

In the Batwoman Season 3, expect more confrontations with the False Face Society and their leader, the iconic Black Mask.

And, if this is the end of Batwoman Season 3, we can expect Wilder to wipe them out throughout Season 10’s arc. If any character deserves a happy ending, it’s this one.

Major crossovers are not to be expected. Leslie has already ruled them out.

Batwoman season 3 trailer: 

You’ll find it in the Batwoman Season 3 trailer as soon as it’s available – usually about a month before the premiere – alongside all the latest news and scoops, so keep us bookmarked for regular updates on Batwoman Season 3. Expect a lot of action, strong one-liners, and money shots in Batwoman Season 3. That is the trailer, not the article (though we will do our best).


Luke and Mary are happy to see their friend return, and Kate expresses that she cannot assist Alice until she is ready to be Beth again. Batwoman to Batwoman, she then requests a conversation with Ryan. Ryan expresses gratitude to Kate for the opportunity to wear the suit because it changed her life. Kate tells Ryan that Batwoman is hers, reminding her that they both suited up for very different reasons. She has other plans. Ryan has a brilliant idea for the community center at the Batcave: they can build it above Mary’s clinic. In addition, they still need to find the case of stolen Batman trophies. But before they can start, Ryan needs to tie up one more loose end.

She pays a visit to Alice, who is being in solitary confinement. Seeing Alice behind bars represents justice for her mother. Ryan concludes their heated exchange by saying she hopes they never see each other again. But, before she departs, Alice drops a bombshell: Ryan’s biological mother did not die during childbirth and is still alive and well.

We find out exactly what those plans are during a passionate goodbye with Sophie. She’s leaving town to see her father Jacob and a “friend in National City.” (Isn’t that friend Kara Danvers?) Caroline Dries, the showrunner, told that Kate Kane’s story ends. “I would never say never… but for now, that was our farewell to Kate.”

FAQ: Batwoman Season 3

Is Batwoman returning for Batwoman Season 3?

According to showrunner Caroline Dries, the CW’s Batwoman was canceled after three seasons. The series’ cancellation for a fourth season was announced on Friday afternoon.

Why was Batwoman taken out?

Actress Ruby Rose has accused the producers of The CW drama Batwoman and their co-star, Dougray Scott, of heavy-handedness and inappropriate behavior more than a year after they were from the superhero series, claiming they had to leave by management.

Is Ruby Rose reprising her role as Batwoman Season 3?

Rose stated in May 2020 confirming that they would not be returning for season two. “I have made the difficult decision not to return to ‘Batwoman’ next season,” they said.

Ruby Rose, how old is she?

Her age is 36 years.


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