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BBC reporter Phil McCann triggers “Fill my can” memes on social media, know why

Well, often this particular quotation of William Shakespeare is used and is also popular worldwide, “What’s in a name?”. And we may have also come across many people’s names which seem kind of weird, but we can’t do anything right? Recently, a BBC reporter, Phil McCann, is becoming a sensational talk. Wondering for the reason? Although it seems like Phil McCann is just a common name, and not like the other weird names which we may have come across. But the way netizens have reacted by linking his name and that he covered the fuel shortage, that’s too hilarious for sure. And this link between his name and the subject left everyone in Hysterics and the reporter himself seems to be enjoying the sensational talk about his name, and joining the social media chat!

It all started on September 25, when the BBC channel shared some photos of Phil McCann reporting at a BP station in Stockport, for the reports of the shortage in fuel. Well, the Brits were not able to stop themselves from noticing that the reporter’s name sounds similar to “fill my can”. And as soon as this surfaced on the internet, the meme specialists took the internet and joined the frenzy. Now it’s sure that once we all have seen this, we will not be able to unhear it ever again!

The reporter was covering the fuel shortage topic as there is a disruption of fuel shortage, across the country, and for now, the motorists are resorting to panic-buying, and while on the other hand, some people were left dismayed. But, thanks to Phil McCann and BBC, because even in this problematic situation, they helped to find a moment of happiness and made everyone laugh amid the chaos.

Phil McCann on the other hand didn’t mind sharing a photo of himself, seen doing a thumbs-up, as he reacts to his day. And also, he shared the screenshot of his name, which is seen on the trending board of Twitter, dominating all the trends, and along with the screenshot, he also captioned, “There are worse reasons to trend on Twitter….”

As netizens couldn’t stop themselves from commenting on this scenario, they also said that it’s really “hard to make these stuff up” and some commended the news organization BBC, by saying, “well played.” One Twitter user commented, “Well done @BBCBreakfast for bringing some humor to our Saturday morning. When you need a reporter who knows his stuff on petrol stations who do you call, yes you’ve guessed it #PhilMcann Looks like you could be out of a job @BBCBenThompson, You couldn’t make it one up!!” Another user commented, “Phil McCann.. fill my can? Who says the @BBCBreaking doesn’t have a sense of humor! The only choice was to name a reporter to report on a fuel crisis! Hilarious made my day!”  Yet another one commented, “PHIL MCCANN! On a fuel shortage story. @TheSimpsons couldn’t have written anything funnier than that. Well played #BBCBreakfast.” One even commented jokingly that the reporter was “born for this moment.”

According to the reports of The Guardian, the shortage of truck drivers has led to a disruption in the supply chains of the country. This has also affected food and petrol deliveries and led to big queues at all petrol stations. But the president of a particular motoring association said the shortage of fuel is due to supply chain issues, rather than panic buying. On other hand, as BBC and Phil enjoyed this trending talk a lot, Phil also showed up on Sunday, further explaining the fuel crisis.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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