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Before Planning For International Traveling, Must Read The Rules

On Monday, The U.S will lift pandemic travel restrictions starting in November for foreigners who are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. The country reopening to thousands of people, including those who have been separated from family in the United States. During this pandemic and easy a major source of tension with Europe.

Trump administration and later expanded to include more countries by President Joe Biden earlier this year. The restrictions prohibited most visitors from the EU, U.K, South Africa, India, Brazil, and China from flying into the U.S.

The Reopening of the border to many International visitors comes with a new set of rules, such as vaccination requirements.

source = reuters

Airlines have reported a jump in bookings to the U.S. and expect an immediate surge in travelers even before peak holiday periods.

United Airlines said it expects 50% more international inbound passengers from a week earlier when it carried 20,000 people. 

Airlines have brought back more international flights, though schedules are still below pre-pandemic levels.  

Under the new rules of non-citizens will have to show proof that they are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 before they fly into the U.S and take a two-dose vaccine must have completed two weeks before prior to departure. Documentation can be shown as a paper certificate.
The U.S will also require proof of a negative Covid test from within the past three days for all vaccinated travelers.

Visitors who haven’t been vaccinated for medical reasons will need to present a letter to the airline from a medical professional. There are also limited exceptions for visitors who need to travel to the U.S for humanitarian reasons or an emergency, which will require a State Department letter before departure.

U.S citizens are not required to present proof of vaccination before departure. However, if they do not, they will have to show proof of a negative Covid test taken within one day, instead of three days for travelers with a Covid vaccination record.

All U.S bound travelers will be required to provide contact information such as e-mail, phone number and address to airlines in the case of an outbreak following arrival.



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