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Beginners’ guide to making money in the Stock Market

What is the key to making money in stocks? Investing for the long term, through good and terrible times. Here’s how to go about it.

The stock market has an annual average return of 10%, higher than that of bonds or a bank account. So, why do so many folks, despite investing in the stock market, fail to achieve that ten percent? Many people do not stay invested for long enough.

The key to generating money in stocks is to stay in the market; your “time in the market” is the strongest indicator of your overall performance. Regrettably, investors frequently exit the stock market at the worst possible moments, therefore missing out on the yearly return.

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Stay invested if you want to make money investing in stocks

More time means more chances for your investments to grow. Profits at the greatest firms tend to rise over time, and investors reward these increased earnings with a higher stock price. This higher price results in a profit for investors.

First and foremost. You must first create a brokerage account before you can begin investing. 

More market time also permits you to receive dividends if the firm pays them. If you trade in and out of the market monthly, weekly, or daily, you may say goodbye to dividends since you won’t hold the stock at the crucial periods on the calendar to get them.

Various methods for making money in the stock market

Method 1: Purchase low and sell high.

This is a simple process.

You acquire a stock at a low price and sell it at a higher price to profit handsomely.

It operates in the same manner that you acquire things at wholesale costs and resell them at a much higher retail price for a profit.

If you strongly believe that the stock price will rise over time, you may purchase it now and sell it when the price has reached your take-profit level.

Method 2: Short sell at a high price and purchase back at a low price

You can also profit by selling the stock short at a high price and then purchasing it back at a lower price later.

Anytime you short sell a stock, you must first borrow the stock before you can sell it. This is a legal obligation.

Except for one case.

If you are day trading, you do not need to borrow stocks because you will have purchased them before the market closes.

Method 3: Invest in equities to get dividend income

Dividend stocks are a type of stock that trades on the stock market.

Dividend payments are made to shareholders by the underlying firms of these dividend stocks once or twice a year, depending on their dividend schedule.

Method 4: Sell stock options

Options are contracts in which the seller promises to sell/buy the underlying stock from the buyer of the option contract at a pre-agreed-upon price (i.e. striking price) at the pre-agreed-upon expiration date.

Once you sell options on stocks, you earn premiums from the buyer of the options.

In other words, when you sell options, you are paid upfront.

If the option contracts expire worthlessly, you get to retain the money.

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