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Bill and Melinda Gates’ daughter walks down the aisle in a beautiful wedding!

Finally, the billionaire Bill Gates has become a father-in-law! The Microsoft co-founder’s oldest daughter, Jennifer Gates, wedded to Nayel Nassar on Saturday. Later on Monday, Bill Gates shared a photo of the happy couple and the photos are indeed too cute and filled with happiness!

As Bill Gates took to Twitter to share the happiness to everyone, he posted a pic of the cute couple and penned heart touching words, which read,  “Jenn and Nayel, it’s impossible to put into words how happy it makes me see you filled with joy on your wedding day,” he wrote. “I’m so proud of you both for everything you’ve accomplished in your lives so far and everything you will do with your future together.” Indeed it’s the happiest moment for the duo as well as for the parents too. The post has gained a lot of likes. 

Well according to some reports, it is known that this was the couple’s second set of nuptials after they had a private Muslim ceremony which was held earlier at the same location.

The 25-year-old bride dressed in her stunning wedding gown indeed glowed in the dropped waist dress along with a lace top, long sleeves, and also a full tulle skirt. According to the reports of Daily Mail, Vera Wang designed the bride’s dress which was specially customized. It is also known that she was surrounded by nine attendants who wore dark green gowns, some with halter necks. Gates wore her long auburn hair half up and half down and appeared to match the dress with just simple and cute earrings.

Some reported that hundreds of guests, including Georgina Bloomberg, started to arrive at Gates’ $16 million property at 3 pm Saturday for the lavish event.

The grand wedding cake was prepared by pastry chefs from French shop Laduree and also carried a large white two-tiered wedding cake.

It was also said that Coldplay was scheduled to perform at the reception, as is folk musician Harry Hudson

The 124-acre, $16 million North Salem, NY, farm is the location where Jennifer Gates celebrated her marriage to Nayel Nassar. Well according to the reports, it’s known that the wedding location perfectly resembled a beautiful botanical garden which was under construction for a few days. The main wedding stage was spot on. 

It was reported by some news agencies that a series of newly built, interconnected, glass-covered rooms was seen from above, along with one housing rows of long white benches, and another with dozens of dinner tables. For decoration, two rows of white hydrangeas also encircled a white table which was at the center of the main glass wedding pavilion.

After the wedding, Jennifer Gates and her father reportedly danced to Elton John’s ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight ‘.

Jennifer Gates is a medical student at the Icahn School of Medicine located at Mount Sinai in New York City and her new husband, who is known as an Egyptian-American, has also participated in the 2020 Summer Olympics, competing for Egypt in equestrian jumping events but couldn’t win a medal. Nayel Nassar was born in Chicago, and Gates and Nassar both graduated from Stanford University.

Jennifer Gates’ parents, Bill and Melinda French Gates got officially divorced as of August. They were married for 27 years and they have two other children in addition to Jennifer. But for the wedding, they were spotted together. To share the happiness, Melinda French Gates also shared the wedding pic on her Instagram account. 

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