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Biography, Age, Height, Wife, and Net Worth of Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas is the stage name of José Antonio Domnguez Bandera, a Spanish actor born on August 10, 1960. He has garnered numerous awards, including a Cannes Film Festival Award and a European Film Award, as well as nominations for an Academy Award, a Tony Award, two Primetime Emmy Awards, and five Golden Globe Awards for his work in films of diverse genres.

Also, in the 1980s, Banderas began his acting career in a series of films directed by Pedro Almodóvar; he subsequently went on to star in films such as Philadelphia (1993), Interview with the Vampire (1994), Desperado (1995), Assassins (1995), Evita (1996), and The Mask of Zorro (1997). (1998).

Facts about Antonio Banderas:

Full NameJosé Antonio Domnguez Bandera
Birth DateAugust 10, 1960
Birth PlaceMálaga, Spain
Nick NameTony Flags
ReligionRoman Catholic
Father’s NameJosé Domínguez Prieto
Mother’s NameAna Banderas
Height1.74 cm
Weight76 kg
BuildNot found
Marital Statusunmarried
Wife/Husband/Boyfriend/Girlfriend (Name)Nicole Kimpel
Net Worth$50 million

Antonio Banderas’s Net Worth:

  Banderas is a 50-million-dollar Spanish film actor, director, producer, and singer. Antonio Banderas is most known for his roles in Pedro Almodovar’s Spanish-language films, as well as popular Hollywood films such as “Interview with the Vampire,” “Philadelphia,” and “The Mask of Zorro.”

Antonio Banderas Early Life

He was born José Antonio Domnguez Banderas in Málaga, Andalusia, Spain, on August 10, 1960. Before becoming a famous Hollywood celebrity, Banderas aspired to be a professional football player. A damaged foot, however, ruined his childhood hopes. He continued to take theatrical training and finally joined a touring theatre company in Spain.

Antonio Banderas’s Career

Banderas drew the attention of Spanish director Pedro Almodovar after a series of early efforts. His’ career was launched mainly by Almodóvar, who cast him in his 1982 feature debut “Labyrinth of Passion” and, five years later, “Law of Desire,” which made news for his portrayal of a gay man and required him to partake in his first onscreen male-male kiss. Banderas made his film debut in Almodovar’s “Matador” in 1986.

Also, a love-struck kidnapper, Banderas gained international recognition in Almodóvar’s provocative comedy “Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!” ultimately gained international recognition (1990). So, it was thanks to this breakthrough job that he was able to break into Hollywood.

In Madonna’s 1991 documentary “Truth or Dare,” he further exposed himself to American audiences as the target of her lust. Banderas made his Hollywood acting debut in the drama “The Mambo Kings,” despite not knowing much English at the time (1992). In 1993, he had the opportunity to prove that he was more than just a handsome face when he played Tom Hanks’ loyal lover in the Academy Award-winning AIDS drama “Philadelphia.” Following this widespread acclaim, he was cast alongside Brad Pitt in the high-profile rendition of “Interview with the Vampire.”

Other works:

Banderas, already in great demand, quickly made a name for himself as an action hero in films like Robert Rodriguez’s “Desperado” in 1995 and “Assassins” the following year. Also, in 1996’s “Evita,” he co-starred with Madonna in one of his most legendary roles. Banderas gained even more fame as the title swordsman in Catherine Zeta-Jones’ “The Mask of Zorro” (1998). He starred in “The 13th Warrior” in 1999. He began directing with “Crazy in Alabama” (1999), a comedy-drama starring his former wife Melanie Griffith while pursuing a lucrative playing career. In 2001, he co-starred in “Original Sin” with Angelina Jolie, and the following year, he starred in “Femme Fatale” and “Frida.” In 2003, he made a triumphant comeback to musicals with the Broadway production of “nine.”

Antonio Banderas has also appeared in several family films, including Robert Rodriguez’s successful Spy Kids (2001) trilogy and the hit animated film Shrek 2 (2004) and its sequels. So, he returned to the role of Zorro in 2005’s “The Legend of Zorro.” In 2006, he acted in “Take the Lead” and directed “El Camino de Los Ingleses,” his second feature.

After a two-decade absence, he reconnected with Almodóvar for the psychological thriller The Skin I Live In (2011), delivering what some consider his best work to date. Also, in 2018, he co-starred in the Spanish film “Pain and Glory” alongside Penelope Cruz, reuniting him with Pedro Almodovar.

Awards and ventures:

On May 25, 2019, he won Best Actor at the 2019 Cannes Picture Festival for his work, and the film was later nominated for an Oscar. According to reports, he was cast in the next movie, “Uncharted,” in March 2020. Antonio Banderas is a gifted, beautiful, captivating actor who is justifiably regarded as one of Hollywood’s best leading men. In 2005, he was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Banderas has a business background in addition to his performing profession. He owns part of Anta Banderas, a winery near Burgos, Spain. He’s also a perfume business veteran, having spent over ten years with Puig, a fragrance and beauty brand. 

Banderas and Puig have successfully promoted several fragrances, and in 2007, Banderas debuted his own Blue Seduction for Men and Blue Seduction for Women lines.

Antonio Banderas’s Family Background

José Antonio Domnguez Bandera was born in Málaga, Spain, on August 10, 1960, to Civil Guard gendarme officer José Domnguez Prieto (1920–2008) and schoolteacher Ana Bandera Gallego (1933–2017). So, Francisco, his younger brother, is his only sibling.

Antonio Banderas’s relationship status

From 1987 to 1996, Banderas was married to Spanish actress Ana Leza. While filming “Too Much,” he began dating Melanie Griffith. Also, in May of 1996, they married in London. Stella del Carmen Banderas, their daughter, was born in September 1996. In 2015, they divorced. So, Banderas is currently based in Cobham, Surrey, England.

Banderas disclosed that he had a heart attack on January 26, 2017, but had recovered after having three stents implanted in his arteries. He announced in August 2020 that he tested positive for COVID-19 during the epidemic in Spain.

Antonio Banderas’s Background in Education

He was a member of the ARA Theatre School in Málaga, directed by Angeles Rubio-Argüelles y Alessandri (wife of diplomat and director Edgar Neville), and the College of Dramatic Art in Málaga. His efforts at the theatre and on the streets finally led him to a position with the Spanish National Theatre.


Throughout his career, Banderas has received numerous nominations, including an Academy Award nomination for Pain and Glory. He was also nominated for five Golden Globe Awards for his performance in films and television. He’s also been nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards for his work on the television shows And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself (2004) and Genius: Picasso (2006). (2018).

He was also nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for his portrayal of Pablo Picasso in Genius: Picasso. Also, he was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical in 2003 for his work in the Broadway musical Nine. However, for his work in Nine, he received the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Actor in a Musical that year. So, for his portrayal in Almodovar’s Pain and Glory, he won the Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actor, the European Film Award for Best Actor, the Goya Award for Best Actor, and the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor in 2019.


Antonio Banderas’s net worth is?

He has a net worth of $50 million.

Do Dakota Johnson and Antonio Banderas have a romantic relationship?

Dakota Johnson, the star of Fifty Shades of Grey, is Antonio Banderas’ ex-stepdaughter, which many people are unaware of. Even though Antonio and Dakota’s mother, Melanie Griffith, is no longer together, they have maintained a strong connection for over two decades.

Is Melanie still married to Antonio?

Although the former couple separated in 2015, Antonio, 59, believes Melanie, 62, will always be a part of his life because they spent so many ‘great years’ together and have their ‘beautiful daughter’ Stella, 22.

Antonio Banderas was married for how long?

Even though Banderas and Griffith divorced in 2015 after 18 years of marriage, the two are said to remain close to this day.

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