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Birds pose like a lovey dovey couple. This is how the internet reacts.

We social media users just love cute photoshoots. From pictures of couples to nature. Literally it seems every beautiful picture can simply make your day better. When it comes to pre-wedding photoshoots, it’s somewhat the same case. 

Looking at couples who look so beautiful and happy. It is something that makes most of us smile. Well it seems like this picture will do the same thing. We have come across so many amazing moments of different couples shared online. But to make a note, surely this duo will stand out from the rest. Well if you are wondering what is different in them, you will know soon. 

The practice of photoshoots is becoming very common in our country. We see so many photoshoots shared online on the internet. Well many Social media handles just exist. And it is to share beautiful moments from a couple’s wedding. The pre wedding photoshoots are surely one of the most trendy things couples are doing. 

This time something that went highly trending on the internet is something similar. The only difference here is that the couple is a pair of real lovebirds. Yes you read the right. We came across this trending post on social media. Also not only us but so many social media users are just simply going crazy about it. The photos have recently stolen the show on the internet. Well who cannot fall in love with love bird’s pictures? In the now going viral post you can see a branch of a tree. Our beautiful two birds were nuzzling together. In the photo it appears as if they are directly looking into the camera. 

If you give the picture a closer look we can see them posing for one shot. Well the pose is another thing that you will fall in love with for sure. As in the photo you can see that the birds almost look as if they are kissing on the lips. The beautiful candid shots of the two young owls will make your day for sure. It looks like the owls were oozing with love and affection for each other. This picture was available online as in the form of a collage. Picture of the two adorable owlets on Twitter by IFS officer Madhu Mitha made headlines. Well she stated: “Pre Wedding Photoshoot I suppose!” The two adorable birds were present at Bhandara in Maharashtra. It is when the photographer took the pictures. 

The photos by Ashwin Kenkare were initially available on a Facebook page. The page was about Indian birds. Thanks to the page that we got to see such amazing pictures. As soon as it was available it started spreading like wildfire on the internet. It is now available on many other social media platforms too. 

Soon, the post was able to catch a lot of attention from social media users from around the globe. Many netizens who came across it, just fell in love with it. The internet is in splits. While many also agreed with the IFS officer. Some stated that these birds “can give couples a run for their money”. Well others also brought a lot of hilarious jokes and memes in the comment section. 

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
I am Swetha Sivakumar an Engineer who is obsessed with writing and keeping myself updated with latest and fun news to turn it into an article.


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