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BoBoiBoy Movie 2: What was the movie all about?

Nizam Razak directed the 2019 Malaysian computer-animated superhero comedy film BoBoiBoy Movie 2. BoBoiBoy Movie 2 is the second instalment of Animonsta Studios’ BoBoiBoy franchise. It is a stand-alone sequel to BoBoiBoy: The Movie (2016) and the first season of the BoBoiBoy Galaxy television series. Nizam and Anas Abdul Aziz collaborated on the script. This is the first film to feature BoBoiBoy Galaxy settings and characters.

On August 8, 2019, BoBoiBoy Movie 2 was published simultaneously in four countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, and Singapore. On August 30, 2019, the Vietnamese dub version of the film- BoBoiBoy Movie 2 was released in Vietnam.

Date of release of BoBoiBoy Movie 2

Nizam Razak claimed before the debut of BoBoiBoy: The Movie in 2016 that they already had ideas for the sequel.

BoBoiBoy Movie 2 would be the first Malaysian film to be simultaneously released in five countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, and Vietnam. The Vietnam release date was pushed back to August 30 to allow for the completion of a full Vietnamese dub version. CBI Pictures is handling the Indonesian distribution, while CGV Cinemas and Mani Entertainment take the Vietnamese distribution. It will be shown in over 500 cinemas worldwide, including over 144 in Malaysia, eight in Singapore, four in Brunei, 150 in Indonesia, and 120 in Vietnam.

Thailand and the Philippines had made requests to participate.

The plot of BoBoiBoy Movie 2

With BoBoiBoy, Gopal embarks on a trip to Planet Saharu to claim a Power Sphera among a penguin monster’s eggs in BoBoiBoy Movie 2. By dropping the egg with which he was intended to swap places with the Power Sphera, he accidentally releases a baby, drawing the monster’s notice, but not before BoBoiBoy escapes. He sees Adu Du and Probe with the Power Sphera and defeats them while calling Yaya to save Gopal. BoBoiBoy rescues Adu Du and Probe before they board the MYS Kebenaran. Retak’ka is discovered encased within the crystal by a crew of alien miners. He and Hang Kasa fought 100 years ago before he locked him in crystal.

At the MYS, Kebenaran Tarung congratulates BoBoiBoy’s group for rescuing all Power Spheras assigned to them. At the same time, Fang is concerned about BoBoiBoy’s risking the mission by saving Adu Du and Probe. Retak’ka breaks free from the crystal, only to discover that he retains some of his prior abilities. Claiming to be the first master of the Elements, he persuaded the miners’ leader to give the location of BoBoiBoy and TAPOPS for Power Spheras, promising not to hurt them and providing them with more crystals.


In Planet Quabaq, the gang arrives at an acidic slime river. Before Gopal urges them to evacuate the sinking ship, BoBoiBoy and Ochobot rush to get information about Hang Kasa.

After then, BoBoiBoy changes into Ice to freeze the slime, giving everyone more time to flee. He instantly remembers Adu Du and Probe, but Ochbot understands they aren’t on board. Kang Kongs, swift and nasty sloth monsters that slow down in the presence of light, face the gang. BoBoiBoy resorts to Blaze after Retak’ka drains his Solar element before reverting due to a lack of energy. The Kang Kongs attack the group, but Hang Kasa manages to stop them.

Kasa informs them that Retak’ka was one of his disciples before offering to teach BoBoiBoy, Gopal, Adu Du, and Probe for the war against Retak’ka. Meanwhile, Retak’ka travels to many planets to improve his abilities.

Further story

Captain Kaizo rescued Fang, Yaya, and Ying from the collapsing TAPOPS Station and installed a tracker on the miners’ craft while preparing to drain energy from Planet Gur’lathan. Fang and Kaizo arrived at Gur’latan to discover that all the guards. Ying issues a warning to the Bayugans against Retak’ka.

Papa Zola and his daughter then come across Hang Kasa’s house, which is in a restricted region. BoBoiBoy and Gopal had to pay training costs, which disappointed Gopal because he only had one dollar. Before sealing BoBoiBoy and Gopal in crystal, Hang Kasa accepts BoBoiBoy’s Quake Element as payment.

Retak’ka, on the other hand, got ravenous for additional Elements. Before Hang Kasa utilised Ochobot to drain the Elements from him and put him in the Crystal Prison, he went after Hang Kasa’s Crystal power. Retak’ka resurfaces as Voltra, but Ying, Yaya, and Fang, set free by Papa Zola, join forces BoBoiBoy to defeat him. He burns a nearby dam to avoid admitting defeat. Still, BoBoiBoy freezes him as Glacier, claiming the last element, and blasts him into space as Supra before collapsing into the river below.

BoBoiBoy wakes up and sees his family and friends in BoBoiBoy Movie 2. Papa Zola has angered Mama Zila by bringing her daughter to the mission. Hang Kasa and BoBoiBoy embrace, agreeing to protect the seven Elements. Maskmana gives ArmoBot to Amato to repair in a post-credits scene.

 Maskmana responds that he should have been the one who helped BoBoiBoy when Amato asks why he shouldn’t have joined him. Amato claims that he needs to be self-sufficient since he has a more critical mission.

The cast of BoBoiBoy Movie 2

  • Nur Fathiah Diaz as BoBoiBoy
  • Fadzli Mohd Rawi as Retak’ka
  • Wong Pak Lin as Hang Kasa
  • Wong Wai Kay as Fang
  • Anas Abdul Aziz as Cici Ko, Adu Du, Probe, Tok Aba and Encik Kumar
  • Muhammad Abdurrahman Solahuddin as Ochobot
  • Dzubir Mohammed Zakaria as Gopal
  • Nizam Razak as Papa Zola
  • Ieesya Isandra as Pipi Zola
  • Nur Sarah Alisya as Yaya
  • Yap Ee Jean as Ying
  • Hazwani Hamizah Mahayuddin as Ayu Yu
  • Nur Iman Andaliz as Tarung

English Cast of BoBoiBoy Movie 2

  1. Marsya Danialla Razak as BoBoiBoy
  2. Azman Zukiply as Retak’ka and Hang Kasa
  3. Ryan Lee Bhaskaran as Gopal
  4. Maryam Saesol Md Riyadh as Pipi Zola
  5. Puteri Sabrina Affenddy as Yaya
  6. Denise Chan as Ying
  7. Wong Wai Kay as Fang
  8. Anas Abdul Aziz as Cici Ko, Adu Du, Probe, Tok Aba, Papa Zola and Encik Kumar
  9. Ilhan Mohd Shahrizal as Ochobot
  10. Hazwani Hamizah Mahayuddin as Ayu Yu
  11. Kevin Barnaby as Tarung

FAQ: BoBoiBoy Movie 2

Where can I watch BoBoiBoy Movie 2?

You can watch BoBoiBoy Movie 2 on Netflix.

 Who is BoBoiBoy Supra in BoBoiBoy Movie 2?

He is a fusion between BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm and BoBoiBoy Solar in BoBoiBoy Movie 2.

What is the most potent power of BoBoiBoy in BoBoiBoy Movie 2?

Elemental split or fundamental transformation is his most powerful power in BoBoiBoy Movie 2.

Which character is the strongest, BoBoiBoy?

BoBoiBoy Light is the most powerful among all in BoBoiBoy Movie 2.


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