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Brand New Cherry Flavor

The protagonist of Brand New Cherry Flavor, a Netflix limited series, throws up a live cat in practically every one of its eight episodes. It’s not a euphemism, that. Each time, she screams in agony, doubles over, and heaves until a slimy mass bursts from her mouth and lands on the ground. When you look closer, you invariably see a squirming newborn kitten with damp white fur. The kitten is then secretly collected by a zombie and brought to a witch, who consumes its blood.

Knowing all of this before watching the Brand New Cherry Flavor is crucial because Brand New Cherry Flavor has even more outrageous plans in store. It becomes more erratic. And far worse.

That isn’t always clear right away. Starting off simply, by comparison, Brand New Cherry Flavor says: that Rosa Salazar, who plays Lisa N. Nova in Alita: Battle Angel, is determined to turn her stunning short film into her feature directorial debut when she arrives in early 1990s Hollywood. The first episode spends a good deal of time discussing the effort required to stand out in Hollywood: parties, meetings, and chats over drinks, all of which are dubious and shown in a foreboding light of Brand New Cherry Flavor because exploitation is pervasive. Later, Nova runs into producer-director Lou Burke (Eric Lange), who accepts to work with her to make her dream a reality. However, once she is betrayed, she gets a witch (Catherine Keener) to curse him, but the outcome is more expensive than Nova had anticipated.

To focus only on Brand New Cherry Flavor is overtly obvious influences would be to underestimate this occult horror-noir from Channel Zero creators Nick Antosca and Lenore Zion. To be really honest, Brand New Cherry Flavor strikes me as a shameless imitation of David Lynch and David Cronenberg. The former is clear in the series’ obsession with ominous, twisting motorways and illogically dreamlike images, which it applies to Los Angeles. When Brand New Cherry Flavor delves into its esoteric components, all of which come with a decent degree of bodily terror, the latter analogy emerges. The moderately offensive title of Brand New Cherry Flavor, taken from Todd Grimson’s novel of the same name but never explained, isn’t particularly creative in referencing two of cinema’s most adored eccentric auteurs. Antosca and Zion’s dedication to crafting a profoundly unpleasant occult story is, for want of a better word, captivating, even though most of its visuals are reminiscent of superior works like Mulholland Drive or eXistenZ.

Despite the streaming era’s seemingly limitless possibilities, I struggle to recall the last time I saw something this fucking disgusting. Raw rodent entrail stews are consumed, disgusting drugs are extracted and injected, and there is a sexual encounter I’d rather not discuss. In a way that is similar to Lisa Nova’s journey into Los Angeles’ occult underground, where terrible things are done in return for power and influence, this gives Cherry Flavor a bewildering and oppressive feeling.

What is the Brand New Cherry Flavor About?

However, Brand New Cherry Flavor clings to you after the initial shock of disgust. A dark vengeance drama about a lady who wants to exact revenge on the wealthy man who booted her out of her own dream, it is a tale about power and exploitation. The show effectively complicates the plot with an esoteric edge. The show’s protagonists see both as self-centered actions that always come with a high price that the perpetrators might not be prepared to pay. This is how it portrays both art and witchcraft. Of course, the barfing kittens are a metaphor. The witch in Brand New Cherry Flavor Boro, tells Lisa that she possesses a rare quality and that a regular taste of that quality will be the cost of the spell she desires. After moving to Los Angeles, Lisa doesn’t earn a living, yet the narrative never lets the viewer forget that she is an artist and that her work is expensive. In eight episodes, the creators of Brand New Cherry Flavor make the case that these are both risky activities: People should exercise caution before engaging in either witchcraft or creative endeavors since they never know what may end up coming out of their mouths in the future.

FAQ’s on Brand New Cherry Flavor

What is Brand New Cherry Flavor about?

The tragic story of Lisa Nova, a Hollywood newcomer who travels to the city to pitch her film to Lou Burke a major player in the business turns out to be a predator and all-around terrible person who is the center of Brand New Cherry Flavor.

Is the plot of Brand New Cherry Flavor based on actual events? 

No, Brand New Cherry is entirely fictitious (thank goodness!). It is based on Todd Grimson’s 1996 book of the same name.

How frightening is Brand New Cherry Flavor?

In Brand New Cherry Flavor It actually depends on your tolerance for unusual bodily fluids, animal torture, and strange food concoctions in the spirit of all things macabre whether you should see Brand New Cherry Flavor or not.

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