Tuesday, March 28, 2023

    Britain man hides largest model train set from Girlfriend”

    A man in a Britain, worried that his new girlfriend might leave him if she knew that he was in the process of building the largest model railway in the country.

    So, instead of telling her, he hides the huge structure in the basement of a building, telling his girlfriend that he had rented to store wine in. I met Marie about two years ago when we started dating, I convinced her that I was a wine merchant, It sounds sexier than saying I was building a model railway, who usually sends women running.

    She came down to the cellar one day and said: ‘Where’s all the wine?’ I told her the truth and she was like ‘OK.’ But she has an art degree so she appreciated the level of detail and the work that went into it. Now we’re engaged.

    According to George, he spent eight years building the 200-foot-long model, which recreates a 1.5-mile-long section of actual train tracks located in West Yorkshire. The model recreates the look of the field as it existed in the 80s. It all started because I used to spend a lot of time watching the trains go by at Heaton Lodge as a 12-year-old,” George explained.

    I had all these happy memories. I wasn’t even into the railway model – it could easily have been a park or a corner store I had fond memories of. We have our own special places when we’re kids, but for me, I used to come here as a child and spend so much time watching the freight trains go past.

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