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Bruce (Xiaoyu) Liu, a Canadian, won Chopin international piano competition.

The 18th Frederic Chopin international piano competition found its Winner in Bruce (Xiaoyu) Liu of Canada. The prestigious competition has been started to showcase the talents of world-class pianists. The jury announced its first prize of 40000 euro, i.e., $45000 winner, early Thursday when Bruce played as the last candidate among 12 finalists who performed at the packed national Philharmonic in Warsaw.  The finalist panel came from Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Spain, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Armenia, and China. Respecting the artistry of participants, this year’s jury allowed two more finalists, unlike previous years. Since last year’s event was postponed due to pandemics. 

Where Bruce came First, the second rank was given to two participants Kyohei Sortia (27) and Alexander Gadjiev (26) from Japan and Italian- Slovenian respectively. At the same time, the third rank was given to Martin Gracia Gracia (24) from Spain. 

source = chinadailyhk

The Winner will receive a gold medal and final prize money funded by Poland’s President’s office and prestigious recording and concert contracts. 

The first prize was worth 40000 euros; the second prize was 30000 euros ($35000), the third prize of 20000 euros ($23000) and the fourth prize of 15000 euros ( $17000). Moreover, there are also prizes for 5th, 6th, and 7th place participants as well. All the prize money is funded by the government of Poland, private donors, and music institutions.  

As the jury announced their Winner at Warsaw Philharmonic concert hall, Liu said, ” being able to play at Warsaw is one of the best things I can imagine.” 

Artur Szklener, the director of the national institute of Frederic Chopin, which organizes the event, said,” it was difficult to bring all competitors into Poland amid restrictions of Covid19.”  

However, one of the jury members, Nelson Goerner, an Argentinian Concert pianist, said,” Lockdowns due to pandemic have helped to raise standards of this year’s competition.” He mentioned earlier in the competition,” this year’s level is remarkable as pianists  had more time to prepare.” 

The competition has been held since 1927 every five years.

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