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Bull moose’s video takes the internet by storm! Know about the viral video from the US.

This episode by Colorado Parks went so viral because of the horrific moment for a man as a bull moose charged him while he was filming the animal. On a nice weekend, this man was filming the animal from a short distance and the episode was all recorded on camera and got posted on Twitter by Colorado Parks and wildlife in the US which instantly went viral because of the incident that happened. 

The incident got shot at Clear Creek County where the bull moose was spotted there and the man started shooting him with his camera as it was releasing leaves from a tree. He was recording the animal on his camera and after a few seconds, the animal charged the man as made an attempt to escape and this video really proved to be very horrifying. In the video’s caption, Colorado Parks and Wildlife said that this video is an example of doing too close to bull moose and how quickly they can decide to charge on you. It is from Clear Creek County. 

The individual just by chance came upon the bull walking along a willow bottom heading towards a lake.” Well, the best thing that happened is the man did not get injured severely, and actually, there were no injuries found at all. In another post by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, they mentioned that “Thankfully no injuries occurred. This person managed to get behind a tree and the moose hit that.” Further they also shared a link which gives detailed information about being safe around moose and how to not get stomped. Also there was another post by then which said ” a breakdown from a wildlife officer on what to do and look for if you have a surprise encounter with a moose.”

 There was another video and all the videos which were one-by-one posted by them after the incident got instantly viral. Netizens went crazy for the horrifying incident and with over 34000 views now all the social media users are sharing it at a greater level. The comment sections are all filled with people’s thoughts and opinions regarding the dangerous incident where some people said that this is not a surprising incident as North America is actually filled with large dangerous animals. 

Many shared tips to stay away from my wild animals and even the ways to react when they approach you. Also, so many such incidents which happened before in the northern part of America or even in other places got mentioned in the comment section. The moose is the largest extant species in the deer family and is surely a very dangerous animal and the man was surely very lucky to escape from such a dangerous incident without any injury at all.



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