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Cadbury recreate it’s 1990s ad Kuch Khaas Hai with the gender twist.

Well, many Indians love the sport of cricket and it is true that cricket has a huge fan following. It serves to be one of the most popular and watched sports in India. Cadbury always comes off with a unique idea to promote themselves and the ad that is created to promote their chocolates this time left many amazed due to their creativity. Well, they not only attracted the young generation this time but also designed an ad campaign with the agency Ogilvy, highlighting a sweet moment with their signature chocolate and a winning strike that brought smiles on many faces of all generations.

The ad features a women’s cricket match. In this ad, you can see a man sitting in the stands and taking a bite of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. As the ad goes on, the man’s presumed girlfriend in the ad hits the winning six. This is resulting in the young man rushing inside the field in the ad. Further, he shares a bite of the chocolate bar from Cadbury with the woman who hits a winning six in the ad. More than a decade later, this ad is now again getting crazy viral but with a gender twist with many social media users loved or sure. 

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The ad was reimagined with a much-needed swap that has got much praise from everyone who watched the ad. The old advertisement showed a similar concept and it went on-air in the 1990s. The older version of the ad was highly appreciated among Indian fans. In that ad, you can see model Shimona Rashi featured instead of the young man. This beautiful heartwarming advertisement was quickly noticed by the who’s who of Twitter. Tahira Kashyap Khurrana also later retweeted the post. She took it to her official Twitter account to retweet the post and her caption is “Love this.” 

The comment section of this particular post is filled with so many beautiful comments by social media users who watched the ad and totally loved it. Many people praise Cadbury for such creativity and for showing their support for the women’s cricket teams. Many loved the idea of the gender swap in this particular ad as compared to the one that was taken back in the 1990s. A user commented on the video “Very true. Creatively repurposing an old, popular ad gives the brand longer legs.” Whereas another user was seen saying “Love it!!! Exactly long overdue.” truly a very heartwarming as well as heart-touching advertisement which was fun to watch and brought back many memories of people who have been a fan of the 1990s ad.

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Swetha Sivakumar
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