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Check the release date for Warrior Nun’s Season 2 and learn what to anticipate.

After two arduous and hopeful years, we have learned more about the Warrior Nun fantasy program. The comic book character Warrior Nun Areala, created by Ben Dunn, inspired Warrior Nun. The novel follows 19-year-old quadriplegic orphan Ava Silva. She awakens in a morgue to find that a divine item has been implanted in her back and that she has been assigned to the ancient Order of the Cruciform Sword, responsible for battling demons on Earth. Ava now has to fight the strong forces from heaven and hell who want to track her down and subjugate her due to her newfound powers.

Simon Barry produced Warrior Nun for television (Van Helsing, Bad Blood). Along with Dean English, Robert Burke, Jet Wilkinson, Stephen Hegyes, and Barry, the show also counts Barry as an executive producer. The project Warrior Nun was initially envisioned as a feature film adaptation but was eventually transformed into a Netflix television series. It received a series of orders from the streaming service in 2018. On July 2, 2022, the show’s first season made its Netflix debut to largely favorable reviews. Netflix gave the show a second season in August 2020. Warrior Nun Season 2 was officially announced via a virtual call with the show’s core cast and a few crew members. 

Here are details from the plot to the release date concerning the most recent season of the series.

Warrior Nun Season 2 Release date

The second season of Warrior Nun will debut on November 10, 2022, a Thursday. To view Season 2 (and its first season), you must have a Netflix subscription, as it will only be available through the streaming service. If you’re considering subscribing to Netflix, the lowest option is the $6.99 ad-supported monthly plan. Our in-depth article on Netflix’s ad-supported tier might help you learn more about it. 

Warrior Nun's Season 2 -1

The cast of Warrior Nun Season 2  

Without the primary actress, Alba Baptista, who plays Ava Silva, Warrior Nun wouldn’t be the same. Baptista is well recognized for portraying the lead role in Miami, a 2021 short film. She won the Best Actress prize at the Festival Ibérico de Cine for her performance. Additionally, she has appeared in other movies like Patrick (2019) and Fátima (2020) and television shows like A Impostora and A Criaço. Baptista most recently appeared in the historical comedy-drama Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris as Natasha (2022).

In the upcoming season of Warrior Nun, Toya Turner, who has previously acted in television shows like Easy and New Amsterdam, will reprise her role as Sister Mary (also known as Shotgun Mary). Tristan Ulloa plays Father in the upcoming season and is another returning actor. Ulloa has acted in several Spanish movies and television shows, including Luca y el Sexo (2001), Pudor (2007), La vida en el aire, and Gran Reserva.

We may anticipate seeing Adriel a lot more this season, played by none other than William Miller, now that he has broken out of jail. Miller is well recognized for his work in the television shows Above Suspicion and The 100 and movies like Sagan (2008) and The Midnight Man (2016). Thekla Reuten is also coming back to play ArcTech CEO Jillian Salvius. Reuten is most recognized for his roles in films like The American (2010) and In Bruges (2008), both of which starred George Clooney and Colin Farrell. In addition, Olivia Delcán, Kristina Tonteri-Young, and Lorena Andrea will all be back for Warrior Nun Season 2. Meena Rayann (Game of Thrones), Jack Mullarkey (Vikings: Valhalla), and Richard Clothier are new members joining Warrior Nun Season 2. (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them).

The plot of Warrior Nun Season 2  

Warrior Nun's Season 2 -2

Even though the series was swiftly ready, the pandemic delayed filming. The second season’s preproduction began in May 2021, and filming commenced in Madrid, Spain, in July 2021, concluding on November 4, 2021. After numerous delays, Warrior Nun Season 2 is finally returning to our screens, and we’ve compiled all the information you need to know. According to the official logline for Warrior Nun Season 2 on Netflix:

As Adriel tries to make his faith the dominant one on the planet, Ava and the OCS Sister Warriors must devise a strategy to stop him. The number of episodes for Warrior Nun Season 2 still needs to be out. However, Season 1 had ten episodes, so we may anticipate that Season 2 will have the same number. Each episode lasted roughly an hour in the previous season, and Season 2 is ready to follow suit.


On October 13, 2022, Netflix unveiled the first official trailer for Warrior Nun Season 2. Ava strives to right the wrongs in the new trailer, blaming herself for everything that has occurred. So, including Adriel’s prison break. Ava is seen holding up a crown of thorns, likely the weapon in question. Also, as she is told that the first Warrior Nun used a secret weapon to confine Adriel.

The females are seen practicing and battling, and it appears that they would treat their adversaries without pity this time. Since our last encounter with him, Adriel seems to have gained stature. Even when informed that no one has ever challenged Adriel and prevailed, Ava is ruthless and responds. Also, “Looks like we’re going to have to make history,” The action scenes we may anticipate in the upcoming season are teased in the trailer. In June 2022, a teaser trailer was also made available, which you may view below.


Will Warrior Nun return for a second season?

The second season of Warrior Nun will debut on Netflix on November 10, 2022, in every country.

Warrior Nun: Was it is not happening?

On July 2, 2020, Warrior Nun season 1 made its Netflix debut. Netflix announced that the show had been up for a second season just six weeks after it had premiered. The release date of Warrior Nun season 2 was initially ready for 2021. However, due to the pandemic’s devastating effects on production worldwide, it was to 2022.

Ava Silva’s age in Warrior Nun?

To secure the Halo artifact, a sister places it into the body of 19-year-old Ava in the first episode. Ava is up from the dead and given her talents by the holy relic.

What transpired in Warrior Nun with JC?

They had to hide in a restroom from the boat patrol as their romance blossomed and they started to make out. Later, as JC and Ava attempt to flee from Lilith. So, Lilith briefly knocks JC down before impaling her with a Tarask.

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