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Chinese biryani goes viral now! This is how netizens are reacting to it!

Well who doesn’t love biryani and fried rice in India? Both dishes are highly famous and one of the famous rice dishes found in the country which has a huge fan following. We often get to see many amazing posts and recipes which are shared online by many social media users regarding a twist of their own added to the recipe of classic Chinese fried rice or biryani. 

The flavored rice and meat mixed with amazing spices makes a single dish of biryani a very popular choice loved by all. Many regions of India have their own versions of biryani including the Hyderabadi biryani, Awadhi biryani, Kolkata biryani, Sindhi biryani and much more. Well, currently another version is added to the list of bowls of biryanis. From chicken biryani to veg biryani, egg biryani and more, now you can find bizarre biryani combos that left many netizens upset. 

Few days back the strawberry biryani and chocolate biryani hit the headlines. Well, it is common for the online content creators to always think about something new to attract the most viewers to their account. Now, it’s the Chinese biryani which has shocked many which was created by YouTube channel handler. This Chinese biryani has gone viral on YouTube which was shared by the channel named Cooking With Sariya. The Chinese biryani video has got more than 85 lakh views now. 

The main ingredients of the Chinese biryani includes chicken and vegetables just like the ones we add to a normal Chinese fried rice recipe. Well, this dish mostly just resembles Chinese fried rice.  There were also many social media users who liked the idea of combining the recipe of biryani and fried rice together, especially the ones who love both the dishes. Also, there are few social media users who watched the video and who hated this invention of Chinese biryani combo.

A user commented, “Very Nice , I am Student .. And I live in Hostel life .. Thank you so much Respected Chief,” wrote a person in the comments section (of the video). Another comment read, “Wow it’s amazing result and taste was yummy.” However, another user shared it on Twitter post, “I have seen everything.” “WTH. Has she just added few extra things and called egg fried rice Chinese biryani lol,” said a comment on this particular post. Another Twitter user wrote, “Now that you’ve watched this, things won’t be the same for you at your favorite Chinese restaurant, this agony was self-inflicted.”

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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