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Crash landing on You season 2: what and when can you expect!

It is a true fact that many people love k dramas. Korean dramas are very famous for their unique lines and amazing actors. From rom com dramas to the thrilling ones, everything is famous. Well this particular kdrama was able to hit the headlines. The unique plotline of the ke driver made it so famous that it was also available on Netflix. Yes you read that right. 

The famous streaming platform of Netflix picked the drama for its amazing storyline. Also if you are a kdrama lover then you must watch season one of the show. Here we are talking about the famous k-drama Crash Landing on You. Season one of the series to date is one of the best dramas. The K-drama Crash Landing on You gives a good glimpse of reviving the Hallyu wave. It was in Japan that kept going on for years. 

The name Crash Landing on You makes many kdrama lovers excited. To make a note of it is one of the top ten best dramas you will ever find. Thus it is predictable that many wanted a season 2 of the drama. Since we got to see the last episode of season 1 everyone wanted to know about season 2. So here we are bringing the latest updates to you fans. We know about the huge fan following of the show and how excitedly many people wanted to know about season 2. This article will bring the latest information. It is from all the reliable sources regarding the crash landing on you season 2. You can learn about it in detail in the article.

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It has now been so long since we got to see Crash Landing on You Season 1 last episode. The platform if Netflix showed us the final episode back on February 16, 2020. It is the same date or when the last episode also appeared on tvN. 

Well can you ever forget about its amazing plot? For sure it is to date one of the best South Korean dramas you would have ever watched. The storyline of the South Korean drama won millions of hearts. It not only got global recognition but also became worldwide famous. No wonder why so many people are waiting for new updates. Well it is predictable that fans want to know a bit about Crash Landing on You Season 2.

Crash landing on You: Petition details!

The global viewers keep increasing their demand regarding season two of the show. There is also a huge demand to see Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin’s again in Crash Landing on You Season 2. The lead actors were one of the main reasons why season 1 became so famous. Also Allure Korea chose Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin as the best couple. 

The duo got the ‘Couple of the Year’ title back in 2020. The discussion regarding the petition has already begun. Also many K-drama fans are seeking to compel the creators. It is for season 2 of course. Fans appeal to the creators for working on it in high numbers. The impression of the signature is also close to 14 thousand.  But there is also a very high chance that we might get to see season 2. However there is no official release date or announcement made regarding season 2. This many fans had still to date left confused. We can only hope for the best and wait for any updates from the creators. However there is no announcement made from the platform of Netflix either.

Talking about the petition here are the few details regarding at. As per the petition there are three demands from the global lovers. These demands are regarding the series of Crash landing on you. One they ask for is a reunion between Se-Ri, RiJeong-hyuk and the NK soldiers. Also Korean Reunification, and Se-Ri & RuJeong-hyuk getting married is in the list. The global lovers want to see them starting a family. As per the reports, they claim that the series must come up with another season as it deserves it. 

Well to make a note of k dramas usually come with the one season. Yes, there is a very low chance that any k-drama has ever come up with more seasons. Nevertheless this drama is really high in demand. The huge fan of the drama might be one of the biggest reasons that it might come up with a season 2. Having more than two seasons of this drama is tough to hope for. Moreover, the K-drama Crash Landing on You helped in reviving the Hallyu wave.

 It is something that happened in Japan. It went on for so long. Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin are the main lead actors in the series. They have successfully continued to draw many fans’ attention. Also the drama has a huge fan following from Japan. Watching the series Crash Landing on You has become a syndrome in Japan. Although her relationship with South Korea was a hot topic. It still made it to the headlines.

Crash Landing on You: Plot

The drama revolves around a South Korean chaebol heiress. Well, she is paragliding in Seoul, South Korea. That is when she faces a sudden storm. She crash-lands in the North Korean portion of the DMZ. The heiress meets a Korean people’s army captain there. As they spend time together they gradually fall in love. 

They have many issues in their relationship. It is because of the disputes between the countries. However in the end they are still together in the drama. If ever Netflix ever comes up with a season 2 of the drama we will get to see an elaborated Plot. We will see the themes of political issues between North and South Korea. Also a beautiful love story in the backdrop of socio-political tensions. It is what excites many. 

In conclusion in this article you will get to know about the season 2 of Crash Landing on You. The show is one of the most loved shows from around the globe. Surely many fans have been waiting for season 2 and its latest updates. Well so we came up with this article and you can read it to know about it. You can know the expected plot too. Also if you want to know about the petition details and the cast members during the article now.


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