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Criminal Minds Evolution : The plot, Cast, and Everything Else

The Covid-19 pandemic brought about many things, but a network of serial killers is probably the last thing we would have anticipated. The FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) is now investigating such a criminal organisation in the brand-new series Criminal Minds: Evolution. After 15 years on the air, the beloved criminal procedural series Criminal Minds concluded more than two years ago on a sorrowful note. Despite cancelling the original series, Criminal Minds: Evolution, which received approval in August, is being revived by Paramount+. Erica Messer returns to the project as the showrunner, a writer, and one of the executive producers for the ten-episode remake. Mark Gordon, Glenn Kershaw, and Breen Frazier are all here.

Other details :

Additionally, the series will have some of our favourite performers in the director’s chair. According to a tweet from the show’s account in September, Aisha Tyler, Adam Rodriguez, A.J. Cook, and Joe Mantegna are all serving as the series’ directors. During Criminal Minds’ initial run, Mantegna, Rodriguez, and Tyler directed a few episodes. Additionally, Tyler has directed episodes of well-known TV shows like Fear the Walking Dead and Roswell, New Mexico.

criminal minds evolution 2022
criminal minds evolution 2022

Criminal Minds: Evolution began filming in August 2022. As they deal with an unidentified subject who took advantage of the global pandemic to establish a network of serial killers, making it an unpredictable and strange threat for the FBI, Criminal Minds: Evolution follows some of the original team members, reviving their roles as an essential part of the BAU. The elite team of profilers will need to work together as soon as things start to get back to normal to deal with this underground network, one murderer at a time. Let’s get started with this comprehensive guide to Criminal Minds: Evolution’s release date, plot, trailer, cast, and other information as the new series launch is just around the horizon.

Criminal Minds : Evolution Release date

The first episode of Criminal Minds : Evolution will air on November 24, 2022, Thanksgiving Day, on Paramount+. Additionally, you can now watch every episode of Criminal Minds on Paramount+.

The cast of Criminal Minds : Evolution  

Some excellent and terrible developments involve the cast of Criminal Minds: Evolution. The good news is that a few of the early characters will return for the new season. After all, Criminal Minds wouldn’t exist without well-known actors like Tara Lewis, David Rossi, Emily Prentiss, and Luke Alvez, among others. They’re all back, with Joe Mantegna continuing to play Rossi, Paget Brewster playing Prentiss, Aisha Tyler playing Lewis, Adam Rodriguez playing Alvez, Jennifer Jareau “JJ” played by A.J. Cook, and Penelope Garcia played by Kirsten Vangsness. The bad news is that Daniel Henney and Matthew Gray Gubler’s actors, Matt Simmons and Spencer Reid, won’t reprise their roles. A few newbies to the group will have recurrent functions as well. Josh Stewart plays Will LaMontagne Jr., and Zach Gilford plays Elias Voit, an operation’s analyst for a large cybersecurity company with a secret dark side.

criminal minds evolution 2022
criminal minds evolution 2022

The plot of Criminal Minds : Evolution  

While starting with a new story, Criminal Minds: Evolution continues where the last season left off in 2020. In contrast to the previous narrative approach, this new series will follow one plot from beginning to end rather than introducing a new case every episode. As they uncover a sizable group of killers emerging during the global epidemic, the brilliant team of FBI’s top profilers reunites for their new endeavour. Now that things are gradually returning to normal and the world is starting to open up, the squad must find each killer one at a time, which could lead to its boss.

criminal minds evolution 2022
criminal minds evolution 2022


On November 4, 2022, the official trailer for Criminal Minds: Evolution was out, although that won’t be enough to convey how much bloodier, darker, and more profound the new season/series is. This new story arc’s narrative is far more intense than what we are accustomed to in the franchise. The FBI profilers investigate how the pandemic affects criminals’ minds, especially one serial killer who leads a band of vicious murderers, according to what we can infer from the trailer. He had nowhere to go and no one to hunt, so he turned into a cautious, methodical monster, marking his prey slowly and gradually, then pounced on them as soon as society began to return to normal.

The video gives us an excellent glimpse at the BAU’s top squad. So, including some of the audience favourites and how they find their new foe. They are in for a frustrating pursuit since this individual is unlike anything they have seen in their careers. Elias Voit, the adversary, is also at, giving off the impression that we’re about to see the actor in a different character. There will be a tonne of action and violence, but not swiftly. Instead, it would develop slowly toward the climax, as any excellent crime thriller should.

FAQs :

Whenever did Criminal Minds cross over ?

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders centres on an elite group of FBI agents investigating incidents involving American citizens abroad. On April 8, 2015, CBS aired a sneak preview of a Criminal Minds episode. So, that introduced the characters in a crossover episode dubbed “Beyond Borders.”

What time does Criminal Minds Evolution debut ?

On November 24 on Paramount Plus, the 10-episode first season of “Criminal Minds: Evolution” will begin with a two-episode special. After the debut, new episodes will be out each week on Thursdays until the midseason finale on December 15.

Are Criminal Minds ready to return in 2022 ?

On November 24, 2022, Criminal Minds: Evolution will have its Paramount+ debut. It will air on Thanksgiving Day. Currently, Paramount+ offers access to all the Criminal Minds episodes.

Why did Spencer Reid leave Criminal Minds ?

Reid must have found it challenging to continue working with JJ even though he knew they would never be together. Reid leaving the BAU is likely the result of him realising through therapy. So, that the only way to move on was to separate himself from her physically.


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