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Curious little cat shows us its excitement towards pit making!

It is excellent how you find so many cute videos of animals on the Internet. Many animal lovers love to spend their free time watching them. Also, many of us are addicted to these videos because the adorable moments with them are tough to resist. There are so many videos of PET lovers and owners captured and shared on social media platforms that go instantly viral. For example, videos of dogs having fun when there are no owners around them or animals create a mess. Even if the develop problems, that particular video also goes while because they are so adorable that social media users cannot just get enough of them. At the same time, talking about it, one such video went viral on several social media platforms.

All the social media users who came across the video could not adjust to resist the adorable cat, making the whole video unforgettable. At an entirely new level, these videos prove The curiosity that animals usually have. We find so many animals, especially pets, curious about the waters present in their surroundings. They want to know about everything, even if something new brought by the owners catches their attention. A video that has gone crazy viral on social media shows us a curious little cat. The cat things like it are eager to learn how to make a pot. Yes, you read that right. Well, no kidding, this little cat seeing like it is attracted to the bank-making process.

The curious cat:

The little cat is present in the video, trying to touch the clay mound on the pottery wheel. Also, it seems like the cat is trying to figure out precisely what is happening in its surrounding. Well, talk about the video. It has gone so viral that it has more than 14 million views on it. Well, the video has minions of use and has so many likes and comments on it. It was initially shared on Buitengebieden’s Twitter handle. Talking about this fantastic viral video, you will see a man shaping the clay on the pottery wheel. Witnessing all of this happening, this curious little cat wanted to try.

So it was trying its hands on the pottery and Saturday touching the clay laden on the wheel. “Pawtery cat (sic),” the video caption says. Everyone who came across this video was amazed by the cat’s action. Most people wondered how excited and curious his little cat would have been. Thus it decided to make its move to watch the clay mound. When a server also has many social media users who adore the cute little behaviour of the cat. Many people also took it to the comment section of the post is having reactions on how happy they were. It is to watch this lighthearted video that has brightened up their mood. It made their entire day more memorable.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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