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Cyber security: Mumbai Police comes with new witty awareness campaign!

Awareness campaigns that we often see getting conducted on all social media platforms is a great way to give much more information to the people in a very short and quick period. Talking about awareness campaigns we have always seen Mumbai Police tending to come up with new ideas, especially new graphics getting posted on their official social media handles to reach out to more people in a unique way. 

Amid the global pandemic, as per the few records that have been a very huge amount of increase the cybercrime cases around the world which is becoming the topic of concern right now. There has been a sharp rise in the number of cybercrimes in India as well and talking about the state of Maharashtra, the cybercrime figures rose from 4,822 cases in 2019. It later kept on increasing to 5,458 cases in 2020. Well, at the same time, the detection rate in these cases remained at just 18 percent in the country. 

In order to put a stop to all the growing menace of online frauds, identity thefts, and phishing attacks, the Mumbai Police came up with the new idea now. On their social media account, they were seen sharing a set of witty graphics. It especially puts a spotlight on the importance of following basic but important safety measures in order for the people to navigate their ever-expanding online presence and stay away from all the thefts. 

The state police were seen highlighting their points with simple yet sharp messages like “OTP Bol? Chances of Jhol” and “Share cutting, not OTP”. All the social media users, especially the desi netizens, who came across this post of Mumbai Police were left amazed. 

They also reacted delightfully to these tweets and the Mumbai Police’s Twitter handle keeps winning hearts. Well, they previously won the internet multiple times with its meme-savvy and witty content. Back in November, the Mumbai Police was seen using parodies of old Bollywood songs to spread awareness and caution people against drunk driving.

On their Instagram, they have used Harry Potter references to spread the message of the importance of masks. Along with this, in the past, the Mumbai Police was also seen pointing out against domestic violence by critiquing misogyny perpetuated in Bollywood films. 

The creativity level always tends to surprise the internet and all their funny and relevant content is surely amazing to know about. The law enforcement agency has got more than five million Twitter followers. They also have more than 499k Instagram followers now. Even in the pandemic situations, the Twitter handle of the Mumbai police was seen active with people in its quick-witted manner.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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