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Dan Price Net Worth (Updated 2022)

The CEO who decided that his staff should receive a minimum wage of $70,000 is Dan Price, who is well recognised for this decision. Dan Price grew up as a socially-awkward kid due to being home schooled and thus took refuge in music. 

Full NameDan Prince
Birth DateMay 13, 1984
Birth PlaceLansing, Michigan, United States
Nick NameNA
Father’s NameNA
Mother’s NameNA
Age48 years
Height1.8 M
Weight40 Kg
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth$72 K

Starting a Business in the Credit Card Sector

Price grew up in Idaho with his five siblings. Dan Price revealed to Forbes that he was raised in a traditional environment where serving others was ingrained in him at an early age. Therefore, it makes sense that Price’s mother was one of the pioneers of recycling in their community in the 1980s. When the businessman was 12 years old, Dan Price also founded the musical group Straightforward. The group wanted to uplift and assist people. Price, who from a young age was determined to be independent, landed his first HVAC installation job at the age of 13. The entrepreneur then transitioned to more official employment by working at Outback Steakhouse as a prep cook, busy boy, and lifeguard.

Price had a reputation as a rebellious student at school who disliked following regulations. Due to his obstinacy, Dan Price obtained the title “Most Likely to Make a Teacher Retire.” Business Journal, on the other hand, informs us that Dan Price was also well recognised for having a talent for reading people well enough to get under their skin. Additionally, Dan Price had the ability to make others feel at ease, which would be helpful later in life when Dan Price started his own firm. Price’s rock group frequently played at Moxie Java, a neighbourhood coffee shop whose proprietor, Heather, was always whining about the high expense of accepting credit cards.

The CEO started to consider what Dan Price could do to help Heather with her issue. As fate would have it, Ron, Price’s father, landed a position in the credit card sector, and Price started helping out at home. Dan Price gained knowledge of the credit card sector while Dan Price was there, and his abilities allowed him to assist Heather with her problems with credit card processing. Heather recommended Price to 200 other business owners who were having the same issues, so Dan Price must have done a great job. My North West claims that Price started constructing Gravity Payments during his junior year of high school.

Dan Price enrolled at Seattle Pacific University in 2003, and a year later, on February 4, 2004, he and his brother Lucas formed Price and Price LLC. Later, the business would change its name to Gravity Payments.

Miner Gravity Payments to Produce Millions

Because Price founded Gravity Payments while still a college student, the company had modest beginnings. Dan Price admitted doing his work in his dorm room and answering phone calls in the closet. Dan Price later asked the alumni magazine of Seattle Pacific University to locate him in a quiet area where Dan Price could take calls from clients. As if that weren’t difficult enough, four months after launching the business, the brothers faced their first legal battle. Axia sued Price and Price LLC in June 2004 and claimed that the business had solicited Axia merchants and consumers to stop doing business with Axia.

The brothers overcame the difficulties, and the company prospered, enabling Price to lead a lavish lifestyle. When the financial crisis began in 2008, Gravity Payments was already producing enough money to survive. According to Hundred Eight Degrees, the business was so successful by 2012 that gravity payments net worth was receiving between $1.5 million and $3 million in salary annually. The wage was so excessively exorbitant that the company almost failed. Given that corporate titans continued to pay CEOs significantly less, it came as no surprise. For instance, PayPros paid the CEO a third of Price’s salary despite having three times as many clients as Gravity Payments.

FAQ’s on Dan Price Net Worth 

Who is the Gravity’s Owner?

Gravity Payments, a provider of payments technology and credit card processing, was founded by Dan Price when Dan Price was just nineteen years old in his dorm room. Price currently serves as its founder and CEO.

How much money does Dan Prices make?

The CEO who decided that his staff should receive a minimum wage of $70,000 is Dan Price, who is well recognised for this decision.

Why did Dan Price become wealthy?

Dan Price became well-known in 2015 after Dan Price increased the minimum wage for his company’s employees to $70,000 and decreased his personal pay from $1.1 million to $70,000.

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