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Date of Release, Cast, and All Information Regarding “Bad Sisters”

This August, Apple TV+ will debut the brand-new series Bad Sisters as part of its newest comedy-thriller lineup. Sharon Horgan, who also starred in the series and wrote the script for Catastrophe. She is the creator of the dark comedy.

The story centers on the five sisters, Grace, Ursula, Eva, Bibi, and Becka, as they navigate a challenging circumstance. It is following a tragic family event that puts their relationship to the test. The setting, which alternates between London and Dublin, serves as a lovely backdrop for a family drama. Also, an effective way to create the thrill and tension that the storyline demands.

Based on the 2012 Belgian broadcast of the Flemish television program Clan. So, Bad Sisters, Malin-Sarah Gozin penned the script and the director.

Malin-Sarah Gozin wrote the script, and Kaat Beels and Nathalie Basteyns were in charge of the direction. Along with Horgan, Brett Baer, Perrie Balthazar, Karen Cogan, and Dave Finkel, the Apple TV+ series lists Godin as one of the show’s authors. Here is a comprehensive reference to everything we know about Bad Sisters, including the trailer, release date, story, cast, and characters. It will soon be available on Apple TV+.

Bad Sisters Release date

The first two episodes of Bad Sisters were on Friday, August 19, 2022, only on Apple TV+. With an Apple TV+ membership, you may watch the show, or if you already have one, you can get three months of free access to the streaming service. According to the press release from Apple TV+, there are ten episodes of Bad Sisters. The first two episodes will stream simultaneously on August 19, the day of the show’s debut. The coming weeks will see the weekly release of each new episode.

Watch this area for the most recent news and updates regarding the episodes of Bad Sisters, as no additional information is available. But we know that Rebecca Gatward, Josephine Bornebusch, and Dearbhla Walsh are the episode directors.

The cast of Bad Sisters  

The ensemble cast members are the Salisbury Poisonings’ Anne-Marie Duff, The Last Kingdom’s Eve Birthistle, the Dublin Murders’ Sarah Greene, Behind Her Eyes’ Eve Hewson, and Sharon Horgan of Bad Sisters (The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent).

Claes Bang (from The Northman), Brian Gleeson (from Peaky Blinders), Daryl McCormack (from Good Luck, Leo Grande), Assaad Bouab (from Messiah), and newcomer Size Quinn all play additional roles.

Duff plays five Garvey sisters as Grace Williams, Birthistle as Ursula Flynn, Hewson as Becka, Greene as Bibi, and Horgan as Eva. Among many others, Bang plays Grace’s husband, John Williams, Gleeson plays Thomas Claflin, an insurance investigator, McCormack plays Matthew Claflin, and Bob plays Gabriel.

The plot of Bad Sisters  

The slogan of the program is “Family. You can see that “It’s a Killer” will be a pretty twisted family narrative. Here, there is actual and figurative murdering.

Evil Sisters’ official Apple TV+ synopsis “A delicious blend of dark comedy and thriller, Bad Sisters follows the lives of the Garvey sisters, who are bound together by the premature death of their parents and a promise always to protect one another.”

It states that after their parents passed away, the Garvey sisters were each other’s primary source of support and protection, even going so far as to try to save one of them from an abusive marriage. Then, suddenly, their brother-in-law passes away, and an investigation is opened to establish that he was murdered. Each of the sisters appears to be the ideal suspect in the eyes of the detective. The girls are a powerful group, though, and they have vowed to always look out for one another.

They will take any necessary measures to preserve themselves from this disaster, even if doing so causes turmoil and uncertainty. They have vowed to always look out for one another. Fans of Big Little Lies will undoubtedly be reminded of the drama-thriller series by the trailer for Bad Sisters, which features a tight-knit group of girls who will do any atrocity to protect their pal. However, this new Apple TV+ series tends to veer more toward black humor and has numerous idiotic murderous plots.


The Bad Sisters clip, released in July, begins with a funeral when we see the Garvey sisters standing together in sorrow. Later, we discover that the deceased was one of the sisters’ husbands. The basic plot, though, is what happens after the funeral. The story deepens at this point since there are signs of wrongdoing. Even if the teaser gives away a large portion of the plot, we are confident that the creator has many surprises up their sleeves for later episodes.

It’s straightforward to infer from the video that the sisters may have murdered their brother-in-law, but did they? Or did they just come up with the idea? There are hints in the teaser that the sisters may have tried, but the notion may be discounted given the absurdity that results from their numerous failures. It’s amusing in a way.


What number of episodes does Bad Sisters have?

There are a total of 10 episodes to watch.

From what country are the Bad Sisters?

Though Horgan’s sensibility—sharp-tongued, angry, playfully raunchy—is present throughout this AppleTV+ mashup of mystery, black comedy, and family drama, Bad Sisters is an adaptation of the Belgian series Clan.

Sharon Horgan’s age is unknown.

Fifty-two years old is the woman.

How do Bad Sisters work?

As part of her contract with Apple TV+, Sharon Horgan developed the Irish dark comedy thriller television series Bad Sisters (formerly titled Emerald). It is based on the Malin-Sarah Gozin-produced Flemish television series Clan and is set between London and Dublin.


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