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Date of Release, Cast, Trailer, and More for Doctor Strange 3

Although Doctor Strange 3 hasn’t yet been officially announced by Marvel, we do not doubt it will happen given the sequel’s nearly $1 billion worldwide box office haul.

“I would love to do another one. Doctor Strange is a complex character, and it feels like there is so much more to explore with him.” In June 2022, Benedict Cumberbatch spoke to The New Indian Express.

With its unexpected conclusion, the sequel, which is now streaming on Disney+, has generated a lot of discussion among fans. The closing credits in true James Bond-style reveal that “Doctor Strange will return.”

This might indicate appearances in previous MCU films, given that Strange has appeared in films like Spider-Man: No Way Home.

But given how many heroes have had third solo outings, we’d be exceedingly astonished if Doctor Strange didn’t.

Here is everything you need to know about Doctor Strange 3 in light of the above but be forewarned—there will be some enormous spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Doctor Strange Season 3 Release date

We don’t yet have an official release date for Doctor Strange 3, as was already said, as it hasn’t been confirmed.

In 2024, when the third film may theoretically make its debut, Marvel has blocked out a few potential release dates. They are November 8, 2024, May 3, February 16, 2024, and July 26, 2024. We believe that a two-year turnaround is a little too quick; therefore, we may have to wait longer than that for the third film. As soon as we learn more, we’ll update this.

The cast of Doctor Strange Season 3

Regarding Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda, or the Scarlet Witch, her narrative journey with Doctor Strange feels quite finished, and there’s also the entire matter of her perhaps passing away following the events of the sequel. “As for Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda, aka Scarlet Witch, her story arc with Doctor Strange feels wrapped up – and there’s also that whole issue of her potentially being dead after the events of the sequel.

In addition, Rachel McAdams’ Christine Palmer and Xochitl Gomez’s multiverse-hopping America Chavez might easily make a comeback.

That doesn’t mean she can’t feature in other movies, especially since there’s been no word about a Young Avengers movie (where she’d probably play a more significant role). “I would love to continue to play her, of course, and I’m excited to see what the MCU has in store for her and her character growth,” Gomez told Digital Spy.

Other details:

In the mid-credits sequence, Charlize Theron appears as Clea, who eventually becomes Stephen Strange’s wife in the comics. He agrees to assist her in repairing an invasion he caused with his multiverse pranks.

Theron will, therefore, surely return in the threequel (assuming it occurs, of course), and she may also appear in other projects.

Writer of Doctor Strange 2 According to Michael Waldron, Clea’s appearance was designed to end Strange’s romance with Christine. “They have a lot of great adventures in the comics, and we knew we wanted to introduce her, but it felt like we had to close the book to some extent on his love story with Christine Palmer, Rachel McAdams’ character,” he noted.

Take your pick from the rest of the MCU’s ever-expanding ensemble of characters! Even the deceased! The possibilities of the multiverse are limitless! God be with us, everyone.

There is no indication of who will return in the background. The first movie’s director, Scott Derrickson, was slated to helm the follow-up, but Sam Raimi took over midway through production.

The plot of Doctor Strange Season 3

As was already revealed, the critical cliffhanger from the follow-up is Clea’s entry into the multiverse and her need for Strange’s assistance in resolving an Incursion.

This will probably be the foundation for the upcoming Doctor Strange film unless it is resolved before the third instalment. The Mordo tease in the post-credit scene of the first movie, however, hasn’t materialised yet, despite our first thoughts to the contrary.

With the universe being a real thing in the MCU, it’s anyone’s guess what else the threequel will be about. There are countless options, and other MCU projects may impact the threequel.

Marvel can still harvest a tonne of material for comic books and engage in a tonne of multiverse antics if they so desire.

For the as-of-yet unknown Doctor Strange 3, there is no footage. While you wait, you may currently view both Doctor Strange movies on Disney+.

Recap of Frozen Season 2

Wanda appears to have perished in destroying the temple and Darkholds throughout the multiverse, but given that she is a skilled magician, there is a chance that she will come back. Her horrific actions might have been by the Darkhold corrupting her mind. WandaVision also increased the likelihood that her ex-lover Vision may return and be clear to find her.

The character arc of Wanda in this film is reminiscent of the comic book tale in which she built the House of M, a parallel universe where mutants predominated. Also, out of her grief for her lost sons who had been magically created and then carried out the Decimation, which rendered the majority of mutants on Earth powerless. She was ultimately saved, paving the way for her MCU counterpart to do the same.

Showing him wandering down the street once more and calmly opening his third eye when he sees Clea in the mid-credits sequence removes any suspense from the cliffhanger.

In a later appearance, he might be struggling with the Darkhold’s taint. Agatha Harkness, the former proprietor of the Darkhold, will eventually get her own Disney Plus show, though it’s unknown where he’ll appear next.


We can’t show you anything from the third movie because Disney hasn’t confirmed it yet. However, if you’re missing Arendelle, there is a tonne of Frozen content to enjoy.


What will the title of Dr Strange 3 be?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be the title.

Dr Strange 3: Is it surely coming?

Marvel Studios have not formally announced the third Doctor Strange movie. Still, Benedict Cumberbatch, who portrays the movie’s titular Master of the Mystic Arts, expects that Marvel will eventually give Doctor Strange 3 the go-ahead.

In Doctor Strange 2, who is the antagonist?

The antagonist of Doctor Strange 2 is Wanda.

Is Dormammu an adaptation of Dr Strange?

In the first Doctor Strange movie, Dormammu served as the primary antagonist, although Multiverse of Madness might have hinted that he was a Strange version.

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