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Death Note Season 2: release date and Plot line!

The popular series Death Note surely has a huge fan following. Well, initially the series began just as a famous manga series. All thanks to Takeshi Obata for bringing the series. The writer of the series is Tsugumi Ohba. 

The main story line of the series revolves around the adventures of Light Yagami. This person is a teenage genius. Light comes across a mysterious notebook.

 Well, one fateful day this notebook turns his entire life upside down. This notebook is actually a “Death Note”. Well, it is a magical artifact. This book comes into Light’s way as a god of death called Ryuk wanted it. Having a Death Note puts a huge responsibility on the shoulders of the teenager.  The book actually has the names of people within the pages who might really die. 

After getting the position of the death note Light decides to to get into the world of serial murder. He is looking forward to getting rid of society and of people who are immortal. Then eventually he starts running the crime rate down by using the alias of “Kira”. This is an English word “killer” and is in Japanese katakana. It actually means a moniker given to him by the police. It is by the Death Note News. Light makes many decisions that eventually creates a lot of consequences. Well in the form of the Kira Investigation Team. Yes, he is led forward by the mysterious detective L. The “Death Note”. It has a lot of content from ancillary media.

 Also, from a light novel to a musical. It is living up to live-action TV and film adaptations. There is also a version by Netflix. This manga’s anime adaptation first came out in 2006. Then, as it got a huge fan following, season 1 was available for us. The series has got a lot of reviews and when they are predicting from the already present Manga series. There are also many fans online who are expecting a lot from the makers. Viz Media came with a manga in early 2020. It is revolving within the series’ universe having a title “Death Note: The a-Kira Story.” 

The Season 2 of Death Note: what is the release date?

As season 1 of “Death Note” got a lot of Fame, many are waiting for season 2 now. as many reports state there might not be a season 2 of this anime. At least for now the main cause the makers are not looking forward to is season 2 or any other episodes.

 As we anime fans know, it can take years for the release of a new season. Well probably you never know what might happen. Now it has been 14 years since the release of the original anime series. There are no further words from the animation studio Madhouse. The production team has not made any official announcement regarding a second season. Thus there is no official approval on cancellation news regarding the season 2.  

Since the release of season 1 of “Death Note”, many are eagerly waiting for the updates. Most of the plotline was from the manga series. Also, a new season might bring a lot of twists. It might also continue the plotline as we saw in the Manga.

 New storyline and main characters are what everyone is looking forward to. “Death Note” was initially available on Adult Swim. Then it was available in the United States in 2017. Now you can still watch season 1 on any online streaming platform. It has been more than a decade since we got any official update regarding season 2. As time passes by it has now become almost impossible to tell about season 2. Also it is hard to predict any upcoming episodes of “Death Note.”

What characters will you get to see in Season 2 of Death Note?

Since season 1 of “Death Note” we got to see Light (Mamoru Miyano/Brad Swaile). Also L (Kappei Yamaguchi/Alessandro Juliani) is one of the main characters. There is a high chance for all the main characters to return if they are ready for further seasons. Yes it’s likely that their original voice actors also will make a return.  

The most important returning characters will be the immortal Ryuk. The character’s voice is by Shidô in the Japanese version. In the English language version of the anime Brian Drummond will be the voice actor. Near’s voice by Noriko Hidaka in the original might return. Well Cathy Weseluck is in the dubbed version, along with Mello. The character is by Nozomu Sasaki in the original version. Well, David Robert Moore is in the English dub.  

The Season 2 of Death Note: what can you expect to happen?

By the end of “Death Note” we saw the anime’s protagonist, Light, shot by Matsuda. The scene happens after he tries to write names down on strips of paper. It is actually from the Death Note. The note was present in his watch. Light lies on the floor writhing in agony. That’s when Ryuk takes the opportunity to write Light’s name in the Death Note.

 Light dies of cardiac arrest. We get to see him experiencing visions of his nemesis. Well, both of the first season’s protagonists were dead. Now the show can actually go for one of several existing prequel or sequel mangas. Also there is a chance for the makers to come up with the entire new story. or be an entirely new story. The “Death Note: The a-Kira Story” shows the story 10 years after the events of the original “Death Note”. “The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases,” has an one-shot “Chapter 109”. Then there is the “L File No. 15” book. 

Well, in the manga, a student, Minoru Tanaka, gets the death note. The student then decides to sell the book to the highest bidder. That’s when Ryuk tries to prevent it. He does not allow the sale of the Death Note. It leads to complete chaos. Both the American and Chinese authorities get into a fight for the notebook. Well there are many things that the fans are predicting to happen for the upcoming episodes. however there is no official announcement made regarding at. If we get any update regarding the season 2 or the new episodes we will surely let you know.


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