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Delhi Government bans mass meetings ahead of Christmas and New year! Know more

As there is a gradual rise in Covid-19 cases and in addition to this, the threat of Omicron variant of coronavirus too feels as risky as the Covid-19, the Delhi Disaster Management Authority has took some initiatives in order to control the spread of viruses, and thus prohibited all cultural events and mass gatherings for Christmas and New Year celebrations in NCT of Delhi.

The Delhi Disaster Management Authority, by taking into consideration the increase in COVID cases and variant of concern-Omicron, instructed DMs in order to take all the important measures in their respective jurisdictions just as an initiative to control the spread. The Omicron virus is spreading gradually day by day and any type of mass gatherings conducted at this time may make it worse as there is a high chance of spreading of Omicron. In addition to this, the threat of COVID-19 has also not fully vanished away, still there are some cases of covid-19 affected people which are recorded. So in order to decrease the spread of Covid-19 and Omicron, no mask/No entry should be strictly ensured at shops/workplaces. This information was provided by an official

Delhi Disaster Management also ordered the district magistrates in order to identify potential COVID-19 superspreader areas ahead of Christmas and New Year celebrations, and the district magistrates and deputy commissioners of police (DCPs) have also been ordered to tighten the enforcement machinery. They have been informed to concentrate more on ensuring that people are following the rules of social distancing and wear masks.

Here are the main points of DDMA’s readout-

1. All social, political, sports, entertainment, cultural, religious, and festival-related gatherings are banned.

2. Banquet Halls can’t function except for meetings, conferences, marriages, and exhibitions, that too with riders.

3. The Delhi Metro can function at 100% capacity, with up to 30 standing passengers per coach.

4. Weddings and funerals can have not more than 200 people.

5. Delhi has recorded 57 Omicron cases so far, the highest among all states and union territories in India.

6. The DDMA instructed the district magistrates to take all required measures in their respective jurisdictions to control the spread.

7. The body also advised the officials to inform the Residents Welfare Associations (RWAs) about the increasing trend of Covid-19 cases and emergence of the new variant of concern.

The DDMA said that the district magistrates should conduct an intensive survey for the area which falls under the jurisdiction. They further said that identification of the pockets, markets and colonies and other crowded places will take place, where there is a higher chance for the spread of covid-19 and omicron. 

“All district magistrates shall conduct an intensive survey of the entire area falling under their jurisdiction and identify those pockets, colonies, markets and crowded places which have the potential of becoming superspreaders of coronavirus and its Omicron variant,” the DDMA said in the order.

As mentioned earlier, the rise of Omicron is a new threat for all of us as the total number of cases of the Omicron variant in India has climbed to 213, the Union health ministry said in a statement which was released on Wednesday. The ministry further added that 90 patients have recovered from the variant till now.

Omicron has so far been detected across 15 states and Union Territories (UTs), the ministry further said and among those 15 states and Union Territories, Delhi has the most number of cases at 57, which is then followed by Maharashtra at 54, Telangana at 24 and Karnataka at 19, according to the data released by the ministry. 

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