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Democrats Seeking ways to add policies like Paid leave in the Democratic party’s social spending package.

It’s been a few days since President Joe Biden has released a framework for a social spending package for the Democratic party.  

On Thursday, the President unveiled a proposal that engrossed spending on child subsidies, eldercare, universal pre-Kindergarten, housing, and climate investment.

And cut out from the new outlines were programs like federal drug price negotiations, paid family leave, and a major environmental policy called Clean Electricity Performance Program.

In the remarks about the plan, Joe Biden said, “I know it’s hard and how deeply people feel about the things that they fight for, But this includes historic investments in our nation and our people.”

Lawmakers are Inclined to keep key policies in the bill; The I-Vt. Sen. Bernie Sanders On Sunday to CNN said that he wants to include federal drug price negotiations in the social spending package. This would allow negotiating prescription drug prices with pharmaceutical companies for programs like Medicaid or Medicare. The Federal drug price negotiation policy was cut out from the package after a small group opposed it.

source = cnbc

The bill was trimmed after lawmakers opposed the top line spendings, which were $3.5 trillion initially, and now, after changes, $1.8 trillion with the same time frame. After the Paid family leave was also cut, Democrats are now looking for ways to add to the bill. Initially, Biden allowed 12 months of paid leave which was later reduced to 4 weeks and cut out altogether.

Though through future legislation, Biden administration officials signalled white housing would keep pushing policies like paid leave. 

After the backlash and opposing reaction by people, democrats are now seeking paths to add policies like paid leave into the bill keeping in mind the spendings. 

DeLauro, Beyer, and Houlahan On October 19, 2021, helped organize a letter signed by 105 House members to the White House, urging Biden to support paid leave, even if it’s in less generous form. 

Both Houlahan and Gillibrand were unwilling to take total defeat and said they would keep on trying to include paid leave until the bill is printed. Said in Wednesday night’s press release. 

Houlahan told TIME that she would keep on pushing paid leave until I get an order to stand down from somebody with credible authority.”

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