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Desi mom scolds her daughter for disturbing her while she was watching Indian television series! The video goes crazy viral

Instagram users are currently one of the most famous social media users of all time, Chabi Gupta went crazy viral earlier this year when she roasted her mom. She was seen teasing and roasting her mother Anita Gupta for buying a belt from Gucci which cost her around Rs 35,000. The video was loved by many other social media users and thus she became a famous social media star quickly. Now, Anita Gupta has gone viral once again after her recent video posted on Instagram. Well, this trending video was initially made available on the Instagram account called Your Regular Mom. The Instagram account is jointly operated by the mother-daughter duo based in Ranchi and is winning hundreds of hearts now.

In the new video, one can see that Anita Gupta was interestingly watching her famous as well as one of the most renowned and hit Indian Hindi television series named Anupamaa. The television series featuring Rupali Ganguly surely has a huge fan following and Anita Gupta has also been loving the series for a while now. When Anita Gupta was watching her favorite television series Anupama, her daughter at that same moment walked into the living room where she was enjoying the show. Chabi in the video went to her mother to talk to her. Gradually her mother got irritated by her behavior and Anita Gupta responds: “Why are you calling me? Can’t even watch my favorite serial in peace.”

Later in the video clip, you can see Chabi smiling and asking her mother for an extension cord which she wanted. The next thing you know Anita Gupta was done and she immediately reprimands her daughter. Anita Gupta responds with a hilarious desi comeback which makes the entire video so hilarious that for sure it will make you laugh and will make your day. “@rupaliganguly always takes all the attention,” reads the caption of the post which took the entire internet by storm. This video clip was found on Instagram needless to mention my crazy viral and got shared by so many users especially the people who can hardly relate with Chabi Gupta.

 Also, the comment section of the video is filled with so many hilarious comments via netizens who watched the video clip stating that they enjoyed the hilarious reaction of the mom and daughter duo. Talking about the short video clip, it has more than 22,000 likes on Instagram now and the count keeps increasing every single minute. It is normal for many Indian women to get addicted to television series and the video was just an example that happens in many Indian houses for sure which made this video hit the headlines today.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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