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Desi netizens cringe at ‘mithai momo’ created by a vendor.

We social media users love to watch Amazing street food videos on the social media platform. It also is one of the most highly spread videos among food lovers on social media. How we have worked for the past few months on the trend of creating disorder food by combining absolutely ingredients is going very viral. People are always inserts of creating something new, and just the key is combining the already present classic ingredients to make a dish with many words.

 There are so many amazing street foods and sweets from India famous worldwide. Indian snacks and sweets are known for their every taste and amazing flavors, but in the same relaxed, some people always want to create a new version of the classic amazing foods. They keep adding ingredients that I not suitable for the dishes, and the make the wizard, which most food lovers don’t like a lot. 

Some of them are also interested in this new version of the classic dishes, thinking it will be fun. Something like this is going on very much current, and the people cannot just take their eyes off it. We know that momos are one of the most famous in India. Talking about the food and many people are crazy about it. There are many experiments made with some momos, and people keep trying out. It should stop well once such an experiment is going very viral. Most of the experiments sometimes succeed, or sometimes they become a huge failure.

A new Momo experiment:

 This time, people have come across the “mithai momo.” It is one such experiment that did not impress many foodies. A Twitter user, who goes by the name @MukeshVMakhija, came up with this video of this version of momos. In the viral video, you will see a vendor making a large dumpling with several traditional Indian sweets. The “mithai momo” recipe begins with him rolling up a dough. When in the viral video, it appears to be refined flour, and he makes it into a flat sheet. 

Then the vendor adds a gulab jamun to motichoor laddu and two white maava cakes. He adds all of it to the center of the sheet. Well, I know all these amazing and famous Indian sweets. He also pours a cup of gajar ka halwa. After adding all the rich sweets, the cook has all these 

 fillings and molds the sheet. It is into a large dumpling and set inside a steamer. Once the dumpling is cooked, he finally serves it. It comes with a side of chocolate syrup.

Reactions on social media:

 Social media users who came across this viral video had got various reactions to the dish. Some of them overwhelmingly reacted negatively to this sweet dish. There were a few other reactions towards this new version of momo. A social media user who came across the post commented in the post’s comment section, “Looks like a diabetes bomb.” Well, 

 another social media user remarked, “I would not eat this for the love of God!”.

To make a note, a few people who came across this sweet version of momos were defending the dish. There were also a few people who stated that day loved this dish. Talking about other “Mithai momo,” they said, “The best way to use-up leftover sweets. is Casserole momos”. Another social media user who loved that also said, “What’s wrong with it? It won’t taste bad… It will taste, umm, sweet! Different people have different choices and preferences, and few people love sweet momos. Also, many people love that it has been served with chocolate sauce and think that it will taste good with that.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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