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Designer styles his 60-year-old mother for his brand! Netizens and Cardi B love it!

We often hear that the industry of fashion and acting is huge and to keep up with it is difficult. Every single day models and design come up with some unique fashion twist that sometimes becomes a huge train or sometimes it becomes a huge flop. For a brand to hit the headlines the main thing that day focuses on their models who represent their brands. Currently such a designer styled one of his models in such a unique way that the news has hit the headlines and netizens are going all crazy about it. 

When one thinks about a model, for most of the professionals in the fashion industry they mostly prefer people in their teens and mid-twenties to represent their fashionable brands. This fact is especially true when it comes to luxury labels and huge brands. Nevertheless, the democratisation of fashion and the limits set by the pandemic and subsequent budget cuts have led to huge change and has forced people to disrupt the set notions. The massive styling world is a creative improvisation. The designer, Travis Di’meer, founder of fashion label IEMBE, has come up with the new idea to advertise his brand and all the social media users are loving it. Well he decided on his 60-year-old mother for his brand’s photoshoot. Yes you read that right.

Well, this designer, instead of booking a professional model, wanted to style his mother. He also shared a small video when he showed his mother posing gracefully as a model. She was seen posing against the beats of various songs. It included famous singer Doja Cat’s latest hit “Get Into It (Yuh)”. As soon as the post was shared by Di’meer and the photos on his Instagram and Twitter handle were successful it hit the headlines. The pictures instantly went viral and the trendy neon green and white look was inspired by rapper Cardi B’s iconic Balenciaga outfit. Well, it is to which it bore a resemblance in terms of the colour scheme and the silhouette. 

Talking about it to make a note of, the photos have Crossed the more 79k likes and thousands of reshares on Twitter. The video posted by him has got more than 20,105 likes. Along with that the pictures posted by him are currently catching the attention of many social media users around the globe. To make a note of the famous singer Cardi B also came across that and she was seen replying to a fan tweet mentioning the photoshoot. The black-owned business has since gained much fame online on the internet. Many people are visiting his account with queries pouring about the green bag styled in the photos. 

People love the idea of the unique photoshoot, not because of its Amazing aesthetics but also because it crossed all the ageist mentalites which states that older people do not fit perfectly in the fashion space. The post shared online totally showed how people of any age can fit in the fashion industry, can be a supermodel and can do whatever they like as age does not matter. Netizens are pouring in the comment section of the post saying how lovely the 60 year old mum has been posing as a model and appreciating her.



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