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Devils Line season 2: Is Devils Line season 2 canceled?

Originally shown on AT-X, Tokyo MX, BS11, Sun TV, and KBS Kyoto in Japan, the series was eventually posted in English on Hulu TV and gained a significant international audience. Platinum Vision, the company behind another famous series, ‘Kono Oto Tomare! Sounds of Life’ developed the animation. The studio is currently operational, and in 2022, it will feature in the anime adaptation of “Love of Kill.” Two years after the first season aired, fans of Devils Line are still eager about the possibility of a Devils Line season 2.

Will there be a Devils Line season 2? What will be the plot, and when will Devils Line season 2 be available? Between April 7 and June 23, 2018, the series aired. In August 2018, an OVA episode was released following the series finale. It has a 6.8 average rating on IMDb but a global fan base, according to IMDb statistics. Let’s look back at the previous season before we dive into the details of the upcoming Devils Line season 2.

 Plot for Devils Line Season 2

Anzai is the main character. He is a detective agent and a vampire-human hybrid who protects human Tsukasa from a vampire attack. They fall in love, but Anzai is a vampire hybrid who resists the need to drink human blood, and Tsukasa’s blood calls him to her.

As the manga progresses, we learn that Anzai and Tsukasa are no longer together and will try to avoid one other. Tsukasa will try to forget about him, but she will never love him honestly. Anzai will face the consequences of his former vampire activities now that he is no longer a detective. He’ll stumble into a vampire from his past who assaulted Tsukasa, forcing Anzai to reconsider his life and objectives.

Anzai will learn more about his vampire transformations and realise that he is not activated by blood. Anzai will continue to learn more about becoming a vampire and other strange situations similar to his. Individuals from his past as a vampire hunter, on the other hand, would not abandon him in the following season. He’ll have to deal with vampires seeking vengeance while striving to avoid Tsukasa to protect her. His affections for Tsukasa will only get stronger. While this is going on, the show will incorporate some politics to liven things up. Keep your eyes peeled for the new season.

Recap of what had happened till now

Devils Line is a 12-part series that premiered in the spring of 2018. Platinum Studios, a relatively new studio that started in 2016, produced this anime. Devils Line isn’t your typical vampire love story (like Twilight), but it does deal with similar themes. The plot is around a young devil and his life as a cop, with pieces of romance, sex, and violence. The following may include plot spoilers, but I will attempt to keep the minimum. Story The lives of Anzai and Taira are central to Devils Line. They live on a planet where humans and devils are trying to coexist. Anzai, a devil, working for the police force, saves Taira, a human girl, from being attacked. He refuses to suck blood and instead wishes to use his demonic abilities for good. Anzai keeps an eye on Taira and saves her several times.

The two got along swimmingly, but the struggle of a human-demon connection is not widely acknowledged. As Taira and Anzai cope with snipers, spies, and bloodlust devils, each episode becomes increasingly deadly for them. The Individuals (Anzai, Devils Line Wiki, Screenshot, 2018) Yuuki Anzai is a 21-year-old hybrid male half-demon and half-human. He is a police officer assigned to Division 5’s F-Squad. Anzai resolves to change his ways for Taira, but he struggles to combine his duties as a police officer with his connections.

Whether Taira is with him, Anzai believes he is continually putting her at risk. (2018, Tara, Devils Line Wiki, Screenshot) Taira Tsukasa Taira is a human woman who is 22 years old. She works hard in school and leads an everyday life until, one night, everything changes. Anzai saves her after she has an encounter with a devil. Despite her human nature, she believes that not all devils are evil and that they can coexist. Taira is hugely optimistic about herself and Anzai’s situation. Despite their difficulties, she thinks they are doing what is best for each other.

The Devil’s Line ending:

It’s pretty black, which fits the vampires, devils, and darkness motif. When a brighter colour shows on the screen, this allows for more emphasis. The most obvious example is when we see blood. Blood frequently appears throughout the series, and when it does, it is usually the centre of attention. The show’s choice of a black background and bright blood provides excellent continuity. Major characters’ expressions are amazing, although many devils share the same look or have idle faces. Except for Anzai, every devil has the same toothy grin. One thing I was expecting to see but didn’t is that different blood patterns in various episodes. For example, minor spoilers: Taira bleeds a certain way when she suffers a gash on her face halfway through the novel.

The blood does not flow in the same way when the wound will reopen, and her face bleeds at a later time, nor do we see a repeat shot. The music picked for Devils Line is appropriate and complements the show’s atmosphere nicely. Souta Yanagawa, better known as Shouta Aoi, composed the opening theme, “Eclipse.” The ending article is Mamoru Miyano’s ‘Sotto Tokete Yuku You ni,’ a well-known name. Both are well-known for their previous work, and this is another excellent effort.

Devils Line features some famous voice actors, which is surprising for an anime that wasn’t overly successful. Yoshitsugu Matsuoka is Anzai’s voice actor. ‘Sora’ from No Game No Life, ‘Kirito’ from Sword Art Online, and ‘Izumi Masamune’ from the controversial Eromanga Sensei are among his notable works. Yui Ishikawa provides the voice of Taira. ‘Mikasa Ackerman’ from Attack on Titan, ‘Tomoe’ from Eromanga Sensei, and ‘Violet Evergarden’ from the famous Violet Evergarden are among her notable works.

Expected cast for Devils Line Season 2

  • Takeshi Makimura -Hiroshi Kamiya
  • Kenichi Yoshii -Shouta Aoi
  • Yōsuke Asami – Kazuyuki Okitsu
  • Naoya Ushio- Ryōta Ōsaka
  • Yūki Anzai- Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
  • Tsukasa Taira -Yui Ishikawa
  • Hans Lee – Ryōhei Kimura
  • Juliana Lloyd – Miyuki Sawashiro

Trailer of Devils Line Season 2

There is no trailer for Devils Line season 2 available.

Release date of Devils Line Season 2

As of this writing, there has been no hint of a Devils Line season 2. Above is an overview of our Devil’s Line speculation for the second season. Based on this assessment, we believe that a new Devils Line season 2 of the anime will be challenging to produce. On the other side, the Devils Line season 2 was by an extensive distributor like Hulu, and there is enough source material for a Devils Line season 2. Although this is theoretical and highly unlikely, a new season of the Devils Line season 2 could air in 2023–2024. As an alternative, you might watch one of several anime in this genre, of which we recommend two: Re-Zero and Attack on Titan.

FAQs -Devils Line Season 2

a. Where can I watch Devils Line season 2?

Devils Line Season 2 will be available to watch on Netflix. 

b. How many seasons of Devils Line are there?

 We have only one season of the series available to watch.

c. How did Devils Line end?

By the end, we see our leading couple declaring their love for each other again and saying their goodbyes.

d. Is Devils Line worth watching?

The show has a huge fan following 


The anime “Devils Line” is based on a manga of the same name. Vampires and humans live in this well-known dark fantasy animation. Read to know about Devils Line season 2.


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