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Digital content creator mimics Katrina Kaif in this hilarious video which will make your day. Watch it now!

The feature that Instagram rolled out naming Instagram reels has been taking the internet by storm for a few months now as many content creators and social media users have made great use of this feature. The reels can sometimes be so hilarious that they will keep you addicted to them. Scrolling through Instagram and watching reels all day has become a habit for many people in this pandemic period and indeed it is a great way to spend your time.

 With so much amazing hilarious content out there to watch, one such reel on Instagram is currently trending. It can make your day as many just burst out laughing because of the funny video. The reel was done by a digital content creator. She is seen making a video mimicking Katrina Kaif’s monologue that has gone viral on Instagram. The funny video shows Sonalika Puri, who is a digital content creator. She has been regularly posting videos and reels on her Instagram account and many of her followers just live it. 

Puri does a good job with the reels and thus is quite famous for mimicking different celebrities including Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone, and Kangana Ranaut. Her face gestures are spot on and thus all her videos are indeed addictive that can make you laugh quickly. In the recent short clip posted by Sonalika, she is seen mimicking the monologue by Katrina Kaif in her movie named Namastey London after she returns home from India.

 Katrina Kaif, who plays the character of Jazz in the movie, was taken to India on the pretext of traveling. Well, instead she gets married off to Akshay Kumar and she goes back to London, she completely refuses union and calls out to her parents to lie to her. Sonalika mimics the clip and she nailed the mimicry for sure. The digital content creator posted this epic funny short video clip on her official Instagram account and, since it has been available on the platform, it has been viewed more than 3 lakh times by many social media users. 

Netizens have loved her mimicry and also they loved her perfect accent and her accuracy which makes the reel perfect. The comment section for her reel is now getting filled with many comments by her followers and other social media users who watched the short video clip. A user commented, “Awesome,” whereas another user said, “Bhai, this was so real.”

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