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Do you know how netizens are reacting to these Maggi Mirchi food pics!

Maggi is surely a very much used and versatile food and this clear fact that cannot be stressed upon more. Maggi is still one of the most favorite food items and everyone’s go-to when it comes to midnight hunger cravings or just plain cravings. People love to make many combos along with Maggi and try to invent some new dishes. So, of course, there are just too many varieties of the countrywide favorite noodles and almost everyone has their style of preparing the dishes from these noodles. Although, some versions are accepted by all, and there are some other versions of Maggi which are just too weird to even hear about. So there are some extremely outrageous versions cropping up in recent times. But now, another version of Maggi is going viral on the internet. And of course, the netizens are always ready to share their thoughts whenever it comes to food combos.

This new version which includes Maggi noodles can be said that this particular version is not so bizarre as the Maggi Milkshake which went viral on social media a few days back. So it is, of course, a better version than the cringe-worthy Maggi milkshake and this version includes Maggi which is stuffed in green chili. Well, the picture of the recent combo of the Maggi Mirchi has spread like wildfire on all the social media platforms, where the noodles have been stuffed generously inside a big green chili. As soon as the post was made, the netizens started sharing their thoughts on this, and it can be said that the netizens are showing mixed reactions to this combination of food. It seems like people are not so offended with this combo, as it seems to be acceptable, unlike any other weird ones, such as Maggi Milkshake.

One Twitter user wrote, “I know people will throw chappals at me for this, but I think this might taste ok with a few changes. Roast the mirch, add some grated cheese, sliced green onions & chili flakes on the Maggi & bake it for a few mins. till browned & gooey. Serve with spicy ketchup.” Another Twitter user commented, “Deep fry kar dena chahiye wade ke batter mein daalke. Would taste yum. Ngl.” One user commented jokingly, “Maggie Mirch ka tadka, poora Twitter bhadka”. And some were still not able to accept this combo. One commented, ” Mat karo ye sab” along with a meme, and other commented, “Enough! Time to have an Indian Penal Code separately drafted only to penalize such ghastly acts of inhumanity.” But this time, many people just wanted the dish to be customized a little bit, and they thought it would be good in taste. 

Recently, there have been many such combos made which are going viral on the internet. And Nowadays, it seems like out of many such combos, there are only a small number of dishes that are acceptable by the netizens out there. People are busy making weird combinations that destroy the real, tasty flavor of food. Combos such as chocolate chai, Maggi milkshake, mango ice cream chaat, and similar combos got a big no from all the netizens out there. There are only a few dishes left which are a good combo, acceptable by all. Nowadays it seems like a trend, to try out different versions of the food and to know about the reactions of people, and usually, netizens are quite ready to give their views on it, whenever possible!

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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