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Doctors and the hectic lifestyle they lived this year

Indeed, the pandemic has been a huge problem to the public especially for the ones who are working in the healthcare sector. From the beginning of last year’s march, covid cases have been emerging at a huge rate and with that, the pressure in the healthcare sector has also increased. Doctors, nurses, and all the staff working in the hospital have worked for endless shifts, day and night for the past few months. Not only do they have to take care of the patients who have been tested covid positive, and also doctors have to take care of themselves to not get infected by the virus. Serving as a doctor surely never has been an easy task and from the past few months, the pressure and traumas on doctors have only been increasing without fail. The media has been showing us the images of hospitals and the struggle of doctors in the pandemic.

The current situation:

All the healthcare workers are trying their best to deal with this global health crisis to protect the patients. They have been dealing not only with the patients but also with aggressive emotional reactions from them and their relatives. Long-hour duties and continuous day and night shifts do not only affect their health but also lead to frustration. Many health workers have openly spoken about the lack of doctors in several hospitals which led to a lack of proper treatment provided to the public. Dealing with a huge number of patients affected due to the pandemic is surely sufferable. Covid doctors wearing protective gear for hours surely get frustrated as they do not get enough break, sleep that their body requires. The impact of covid-19 has surely become a huge problem on the doctors in India, as many of them have been reported to have symptoms of anxiety and stress. Well, although now the situation is a bit better as compared to the time when the pandemic begins, doctors still are putting up a brave front to deal with the pandemic.

The stress level doctors are coping up:

Not forgetting to mention in the beginning, doctors in our country were not provided with sufficient masks, medicines, sanitizers, and PPE. However, the government has provided the necessary resources to a few of the hospitals now, but yet many of the healthcare centers are struggling due to the lack of protection for the doctors and lack of beds for the patients. Covid doctors wearing the PPE uniform for hours and hours indeed affect their body and skin, but still, that has been the best way found to date to keep the healthcare workers safe from the virus. We often get to see in our social media accounts how doctors are trying their best to treat their patients and to mentally support them to fight back the virus. At the same time, we often get to see news regarding how doctors do not get sufficient time to take care of their health and family. The pandemic situation is a bit better than last year due to the availability of vaccines and hopefully, it will come under control in the future.



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