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Does Allahabad High court urge to declare cows as India’s national animal? Know here

The Allahabad high court said on September 1st, i.e., on Wednesday, cows should be declared as the national animal of India. In addition to this, the court also urged that the protection of cows should be made a fundamental right of Hindus. 

The High court recently denied a bill to Javed who was accused of slaughtering the cow. The high court said, “because we know that when a country’s culture and its faith gets hurt the country becomes weak”. The bench of justice Shekhar Kumar Yadav denied him the bill and also noted that the accused committed the theft of the cow then killed it and we had it and in addition to this the meat was also kept along with it. The accused was then charged with an offense under section 379 of IPC and sections 3,5, 8 of the prevention of cow slaughter act. The court has also said that the accused was previously involved in similar acts and if this bail is granted then it will shortly disturb the harmony of the society at large. 

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As per the reports of LiveLaw, the high court also said that these fundamental rights are not the only derivative of beef eaters but actually for those who worship the animal and also the ones who are financially dependent on cows as they also have a right to lead a meaningful life. Further, the court also quoted in the report about how cows are useful in many ways for the people in the agricultural field and also how cows are worshipped in India and that there are no rights to kill them. It also said that “as Hindus have understood the importance of cows, Muslims have also considered the cow as an important part of India’s culture during their reign. The Slaughter of cows was banned by five Muslim rulers. Babur, Humayun, and Akbar also prohibited the sacrifice of cows in their religious festivals. The Nawab of Mysore Hyder Ali made cow slaughter a punishable offense.”

There are many observations made by the Allahabad High court which was quoted by LiveLaw. Some of them are mentioned here:

1. Various courts and the supreme court of the country from time to time have considered the importance of the cow and regarding this, they have also taken many decisions keeping in mind its protection, promotion, and faith of the people of the country. The legislative assembly and the parliament have also made some regulations with time so that they can protect the interests of the cows. 

2. It is really painful to come across the people who talk about cow protection but become cow water. The government has also made statements regarding the cow shed constructions but the people who have been entrusted to take care of cows, actually do not take care. 

3. There are many examples where cows die because of starvation and diseases in the cowshed. They are amidst the filth. Nowadays cows eat polythene in the absence of food and as a result, they die after getting sick. 

4. The cows who have stopped giving milk could be seen on the roads and streets in bad condition. Sick and mutilated calls are usually seen unattended and in such situations, it comes forward as to what those people are doing who promote the idea of conservation of the cow. 

Asha initiative many cowsheds are functioning in Uttar Pradesh. According to the bar and bench, even though the government constructs a cow shed the people are not interested in taking care of the cow and similarly some people take donations from the public and help from the government in the name of cow promotion, but that this is spent for their purpose.

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