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Does Spoonful of Comfort still operate today? Worth and Other Things

The delivery service Spoonful of Comfort was featured in Shark Tank episodes 801 and 802.

It will be created and given with the same amount of care as if it were for her mother, A Spoonful of Comfort guarantees.

Will a Shark provide Spoonful of Comfort money to expand?

Facts about Spoonful of Comfort:

Full Name
Spoonful of Comfort 
Birth Date2008
Birth PlaceNot found
Nick NameNot found
ReligionNot found
NationalityNot found
EducationNot found
HoroscopeNot found
Father’s NameNot found
Mother’s NameNot found
SiblingsNot found
AgeNot found
HeightNot found
WeightNot found
BuildNot found
ProfessionNot found
Marital StatusNot found
Wife/Husband/Boyfriend/Girlfriend (Name)Not found
KidsNot found
Net Worth$68 million

A spoonful of Comfort’s Net worth:

When Spoonful of Comfort appeared on Shark Tank, it was valued at $4 million. As of 2022, Spoonful of Comfort has a net worth of $68 million. As of January 2022, Spoonful of Comfort is operational and profitable. Additionally, it performs remarkably well in terms of sales.

A person might sign up for a discount coupon program to save money. Clear marketing strategies fed the spoonful of Comfort’s dramatic development story.

In these times of epidemics, Spoonful of Solace thrives by being the main source of solace for the underprivileged.

With physical separation now in place, the 50 states of the United States of America may need a Spoonful of Comfort right now.

A spoonful of Comfort Journey

To express your worry and best wishes to a loved one, send them a spoonful of Comfort.

The artisanal gift basket In terms of strategy, Spoonful of Comfort is exceptional. It is a soup delivery service that focuses on hearty fare.

They ship natural soups throughout the nation to friends and family members who need some solace.

Three soup varieties are offered: potato leek, tomato basil, and chicken noodle. These 64-ounce jars of soup, which may feed 4-6 people, are dispatched the next day.

Originally intended as a present for ill family members, this care package. Pregnancy care packages and birthday care packages are now included in the bundle.

The gift baskets include six rolls, six cookies—chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, or sugar—a spoon, and a greeting card.

In the soup, there are flash-frozen gel ice packs. When you acquire it, you can store it for a few days by freezing or refrigerating it.

The Founders:

Marti Wymer, who also serves as its CEO today, started a spoonful of Comfort. Scott Gustafson also became an investor in the business.

Marti Wymer came up with the concept after learning that her mother had cancer. She felt helpless after learning the prognosis and yearned to see her mother in person.

A Spoonful of Comfort was written in memory of Marti’s mother, who would make chicken soup whenever she needed some gentle, loving care.

She pledges to treat each order with the same degree of care that she would if it were for her mother.

The spoonful of Comfort company was established amid hardship. Marti had recently discovered that her mother had lung cancer at the time.

Marti wanted to do something meaningful for her mother. She contemplated making chicken soup but realized she couldn’t send it because her mother was in Canada and she was in Florida.

Sadly, Marti’s mother passed away before she could try her soup. She started Spoonful of Comfort in honor of her mother to ensure another family does not experience the same tragedies as hers.

A customer would make an order for a care package on their website. The delivery of chicken soup and cookies came with an encouraging note of love and kindness.

Marti put together care packages that customers may send to their loved ones with Scott’s assistance.

Marti clarified that she wanted to ensure that her customers bought presents for their loved ones and not themselves.

Customers of Comfort’s Spoonful were a testament to creativity. Before appearing on Shark Tank, they had already made over a million dollars in sales.

Shark Tank:

Marti and Scott requested a $400,000 investment for a 10% interest in Spoonful of Comfort on the Shark Tank.

Daymond like the idea but cannot see how to develop it, so he leaves.

Although Lori likes the soup, she leaves because she thinks the company cannot survive.

Robert argues they have been in business for five years and still haven’t figured out why they should grow; he quits.

Kevin is the last Shark to leave the competition since he said he wasn’t sure how he could help them cut their acquisition costs.

Sharks and Spoonful of Comfort did not reach an agreement.

Other details:

Even without a Shark Tank investment, Spoonful of Comfort is still in business.

Butternut Squash, Fall Harvest Vegetables, and a Gluten-Free package are some of the new items they now sell.

Customers can browse the website based on the occasion, including getting Well, Sympathy, Corporate Gifts, New Parent Gift Basket, Thinking of You, and Just Because.

Each choice comes in custom packaging and comes with a 64-ounce jar of soup, six cookies, a personalized ladle, six rolls, and a note card.


A spoonful of Comfort’s net worth is?

It has a value of $68 million.

What has happened to Spoonful of Comfort since Shark Tank?

Despite “Shark Tank” investors’ decision to pass on a deal with Spoonful of Comfort, the company is still operating. The delivery firm owned by Marti Wymer and Scott Gustafson is flourishing, with a net worth of roughly $68 million compared to $4 million in 2016.

Who was the company’s founder?

The CEO and originator of Spoonful of Comfort are Marti Wymer.

What is the price of Spoonful of Comfort?

What are the prices of Spoonful of Comfort Gifts? Care packages and presents from Spoonful of Comfort that include soup start at $69.99, packages that solely include cookies start at $24.99, and seasonal items start at about $29.99. Your preferred soup and cookies are typically included in care packages and gift baskets.


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