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First season of So Help Me Todd: Cast, Storyline, and Trailer

So Help Me Todd is one of several new programmes that CBS is handing out this autumn, and it will debut on television first. The drama-comedy series follows Margaret Wright, a clever and successful attorney with somewhat less successful personal relationships. Then there is her son Todd, a private eye and the family’s misfit who grudgingly agrees to serve as the in-house investigator for his controlling mother’s legal practice. The duo is constantly at each other’s throats on the show, but they also learn how to cooperate and solve crimes. Scott Prendergast, with Elizabeth Klaviter, Elizabeth Kruger, Craig Shapiro, Julia Eisenman, Amy York Rubin, Jay McGraw, and Phil McGraw, is listed as the show’s creator and executive producer.

Associate producer Claudia Alves is responsible for this. According to reports, the show’s director is Amy York Rubin. The brand-new drama-comedy series premieres this fall on CBS, along with other recent releases, including East New York and Fire Country. So Help Me Todd might be something to add to your weeknight viewing schedule if you’re looking for something novel and revitalising on primetime television. We currently know everything about the dramedy series, including the main characters, cast, premiere date, and narrative elements.

So Help Me, Todd. Release date.

On Thursday, September 29, 2022, at 9 p.m. C.T. on CBS, So Help Me Todd debuts in place of the cancelled comedy series B Positive. Additionally, viewers will be able to watch the new series on Paramount+.

The specific titles of the So Help Me Todd episodes have not yet been determined, but we’ll update this page as soon as the network announces them. However, the show has confirmed the pilot episode so far and could have up to 13 episodes, which would be about average for a new show. Amy York Rubin will direct the episodes.

The cast of So Help Me, Todd  

Awarded an Academy Award, So Help Me Todd’s cast features Marcia Gay Harden and Skylar Astin as the main mother-son combo. Margaret Wright, a fastidious attorney in a reputable legal practice, is portrayed by Harden. She enjoys abiding by the law and the norms and never accepts anything less than the best. To better his life, Margaret recruits her renegade son when he appears out of sorts. Todd (Astin), the other member of the mother-son duo, is Margaret’s sole child. He is unfocused, relaxed, and thinks that the law should be bent—precisely the reverse of his mother. He primarily relies on his humour and street smarts, which have frequently kept him out of trouble despite not always being legal.

In the ensemble cast, Madeline Wise (Star Trek: Picard) plays Allison, Todd’s sister and Margaret’s daughter. Allison frequently rescues Todd from the problems mentioned above he finds himself. Susan is portrayed by Inga Schlingmann (Legal & Order: Special Victims Unit), who also plays Margaret’s coworker at her law practice and Todd’s ex-girlfriend. Francey, Margaret’s “Girl Friday,” is portrayed by Rosa Arredondo of Roswell, New Mexico, while Lyle, a licenced investigator for Margaret’s legal business, is played by Tristen J. Winger of Bigger. The cast also includes Anthony Scardera (Maid), Mark Moses (Deputy), Manny Hernández (Coyote Creek Christmas), Andrea Brooks (Supergirl), Clayton James (Superman & Lois), and Thomas Cadrot (Nancy Drew).

The plot of So Help Me, Todd  

An old idea is a So Help Me Todd, where individuals would gather unusual and “I need for you to put together a plan to live an adult, financially solvent life.” That applies to every woman who has ever raised a kid, and Margaret Wright is no different. She is an excellent lawyer, but let’s say her connections are… a little problematic. Todd, her private eye son, seems to be only increasing her anxiety and problems in the meantime. He has outstanding detective abilities and is clever and quick-witted but also tenacious. Todd frequently breaks the law to suit his commercial needs, making him complex. She then offers Todd a position that will help him get his life in order and provide him with a steady source of money. But there’s a catch: Todd has to follow his mom’s ways.

SO HELP ME TODD stars Academy Award winner Marcia Gay Harden and Skylar Astin as razor-sharp, meticulous attorney Margaret Wright (Harden) and Todd (Astin), her talented but scruffy, aimless son whom she hires as her law firm’s in-house investigator. Mother and son working together is a significant first step toward mending their fragile, dysfunctional relationship. They may even come away with a better understanding of each other at this pivotal point in their lives. But whether Margaret and Todd can accept each other for who they are is another case.


In the promotional trailer for So Help Me Todd, out in June 2022, Astin is as aimless private detective who appears to misplace his investigator licence. The video also features Marcia Gay Harden, who plays Todd’s mother and is as a lawyer who hires her son to assist her in her legal matters. The connection between Todd and Margaret, an eccentric team, trying to solve crimes while also learning to accept each other’s eccentricities and ethical standards, is in the trailer. There is a little bit of everything you would expect from a dramedy series, including courtroom suspense, relationship drama, and crime-solving. Of course, there is also a lot of laughter. So Help Me Todd appears to be a lighthearted programme with a family focus overall.


So help me, Todd, where can I watch?

After the launch of Ghosts season 2 on Thursday, September 29 at 9 p.m. E.T. on CBS, the series will premiere.

What city is Todd in that can help me?

For the 2022–2023 television season, CBS has ordered the three new shows “East New York,” “So Help Me Todd,” and “Fire Country”. Amanda Warren plays Regina Haywood, the newly promoted deputy inspector of working-class East New York. So, a community on the outskirts of Brooklyn, in the movie “East New York.”

Who plays the lead role in the new series, Todd?

SO HELP ME Marcia Gay Harden, an Academy Award winner, and Skylar Astin feature in the movie TODD as the precise. Also, razor-sharp lawyer Margaret Wright (Harden). And Todd (Astin), her brilliant but aimless son, who she recruits as the in-house investigator for her legal business.

Is Todd’s “So Help Me” movie set in Portland, Oregon?

The pilot was in Vancouver last spring and Marcia Gay Harden as famous attorney Margaret and Skylar Astin as Todd. So, her unkempt, aimless private eye.


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