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Dubai restaurant launches 22 carat gold vada pav! Know about its price

A restaurant located in Dubai has now gone viral because of its new dish which is added to the menu. We all Indians know how addictive Vada pav can be and how tasty it is and thus this Dubai restaurant also wanted to add the famous local Indian snack of Vada pav to their menu. However, they were not going for any normal water power and they created a 22-carat gold Vada pav which is now viral all over social media platforms. The new dish that the restaurant added to the menu was actually announced on September 1 as they posted about the news on their official Instagram account and they also shared the photo on the photo-sharing app. 

O’Pao shadow very short clip about the dish and its caption is “We launched the world’s first 22-carat gold Vada Pao.” To make the special dish of gold vada pav they made the water filled with truffle butter as well as cheese. After doing that the Vada will be dipped in a batter and the better seemingly looks like liquid gold and then it is right in a pan of hot oil. Then the Vada pav is served with sweet potato fries as well as mint lemonade in a fancy wooden box while the drink is actually served in a very tall fancy glass. O’Pao as mentioned in the caption of the post “We are happy to announce the launch of the world’s first 22-carat gold Vada Pao.” 

Talking about the price of this fancy Vada pav it is actually AED 99 and in Indian money, it must be approximately around Rs. 1,968. Well, it is a true fact that this fancy water power is way fancy and costly as compared to the local Vada Pav that we get in India’s local streets. This news of a Dubai fancy restaurant launching the Vada pav with 22-carat gold but instantly viral and many social media users who are the small video clip by the restaurant have gone crazy behind the Indian local snack. The comment section is filled with reactions of many Indians why some have been amazed by such a huge twist to the amazing snack whereas some social media users have also spoken about the huge price tag of the Vada pav that comes with this 22-carat gold dish. 

Well, indeed it is not the first that a fancy restaurant has been implementing local Indian dishes or and Indian traditional days in their own way making it a lot fancy and also very appealing to people. Surely the restaurant of Dubai has gained a lot of attention now by posting the short video clip of the expensive Vada pav snack and by creating such a unique version of vada pav.

Priyanka Aggarwal, an English Literature Post Graduate has invested her flair for writing and editing masterpieces.


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