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Elon Musk may become the first to touch $300 billion net worth as he earns $36 billion in a day!

Recently the order placed by the company Hertz, which is a car rental company, has shaken the markets on Monday and this has resulted in one of the biggest single-day jumps in history and also in the wealth of an entrepreneur who is none other than Elon Musk. Elon Musk has seen his fortune priced off by 36.2 billion dollars or we can say rupees 2.71 lakh crore!

Yes, you read that right. It happened when Hertz placed an order for 1 lakh Tesla cars. This whopping number of orders has raised the company’s share as much as 14.9% to $1045.02, and it also took Musk’s 23% stake in Tesla to 289 billion. The stick includes the options which are worth over $50 billion that has been invested under Musk’s 2018 compensation package. 

Well, this is surely one of the biggest one-day gains in the history of the Bloomberg billionaires index. Talking about the second position goes to the Chinese Tycoon Zhong Shanshan’s $32 billion surges last year the time when his bottled water company, which is Nongfu spring Co, went public.

Elon Musk’s two-thirds of the net worth is linked directly to the shares and options in the electric car company Tesla, as he is the co-founder and the chief executive officer of Tesla. 

It is now sure that Elon Musk is increasingly pulling away from his other mega billionaires as the size of his fortune is increasing day by day. According to the Bloomberg indexes, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos ranks in the second position with $193 billion.

In addition to this Elon Musk is also a shareholder and CEO of rocket company SpaceX which is a private company. According to a CNBC report, it has a worth of $100 billion as of an October secondary share sale.  

Indeed this great spike in Tesla’s share price has helped the electric-car maker company to break into the trillion dollars club which comes after Apple Inc, Inc, Microsoft Corp, and Alphabet Inc.

While talking about the purchase, Hertz has said in an announcement that it will complete the full purchase of Tesla model 3 small cars by the end of 2022 and they have also said that it will establish its own electric vehicle charging network. This will be done because electric cars strive to produce the largest rental fleet of electric vehicles in North America.

Well with this Elon Musk the celebrity CEO of Tesla may also become the first person with a net worth of $300 billion as the billionaire has just added $36 billion to his fortune on October 25th. And yes, Elon Musk’s Net worth has also surpassed the market capitalization of the world’s second-largest automaker Toyota as a famous car maker company is now valued at around $ 283 billion. 

With all the auditions that have been made in space X and Tesla, Elon Musk searching for personal fortune put him in an orbit of his own, even among the mega billionaires. He is now $184 billion ahead of Warren Buffett, the tenth richest person in the world and Elon Musk is more than $ 150 billion ahead of number 4th Bill Gates. 

Well, there is one more thing which has to be noted that the celebrity CEO does not withdraw any salary from Tesla, because, according to the company filings, a part of his stake is pledged as collateral for personal loans. 

During the pandemic year, the world’s billionaires have been rapidly accumulating wealth as central banks pump liquidity into the global economy. According to some reports of the Bloomberg index, this year around 500 people have added $742 billion so far.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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