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Ethan Cutkosky’s net worth, age, wife, and children are all listed in his bio.

Actor Ethan Cutkosky is from the UK. He has made appearances on British television in the miniseries Howards End (2017), Dickensian (2016), and Catherine the Great (2016). (2019). Additionally, he played supporting roles in the BBC television programs Strike and Les Miserables. Also, his breakthrough performance came in season 4 of the television show Stranger Things in 2022 as Eddie Munson.

Facts about Ethan Cutkosky :

Full NameEthan Cutkosky
BirthDate19 August 1999
Birth PlaceSt. Charles, Illinois, United States
Nick NameOne-Take Barto
Father’s NameDavid Cutkosky
Mother’s NameYvonne Cabrera Cutkosky
SiblingsNot found
Height1.65 m
Weight58 kg 
BuildNot found
Marital Statusunmarried 
Wife/Husband/Boyfriend/Girlfriend (Name)Brielle Barbusca
Net Worth$1 million

Ethan Cutkosky’s girlfriend:

Since Cutkosky initially started portraying Carl Gallagher in 2011, his character has advanced significantly. Carl is a multifaceted character who frequently appears on TV, charming the ladies and his love interests despite his drug-related problems and police pursuits. For Cutkosky, things don’t seem all that out of the ordinary. For the past few years, the Shameless actor has been dating Brielle Barbusca. Barbusca is also an actor who devotes a significant amount of her time to the television industry, and it appears the two would get along well.

Ethan Cutkosky Early Life

When he was four years old, Ethan started working on photo advertising as a way for him and his mother to bond. After a few spots, he was asked to audition for commercials and then movies. When he was seven years old, he won his first movie job appearing alongside Vince Vaughn in Fred Clause, which was filmed on Michigan Avenue in his hometown of Chicago. 

Ethan played a significant part in the movie The Unborn when he was nine. Also, he played Barto, a fabled Jewish spirit known as a Dybbuk. David Goyer, the author, and director, personally chose him because of his capacity for following instructions and maintaining composure while being filmed. So, Ethan was highly grateful for working with Gary Oldman in this film. In fact, because of this role and Ethan’s own goal of completing every shot in one take, he was given the nickname “One Take Barto.”

So, Ethan was chosen in 2009 to play Carl, the son of absentee alcoholic Frank Gallagher, in the Showtime series Shameless. Carl is being raised by his sister Fiona, but he feels a little out of place, lacks a transparent role model, and finds unusual ways to try to fit in and compete for the attention of his elder brother.

Ethan Cutkosky’s Career

When Cutkosky was four years old, he started working on photo advertising as a way for him and his mother to bond. After a few spots, he was asked to audition for commercials and then movies. At seven, he won his first movie role as Carl opposite Vince Vaughn in the holiday comedy Fred Claus (2007). So, Cutkosky, at nine years old, had the opportunity to co-star with Gary Oldman as the mythological spirit Barto in the supernatural horror movie The Unborn (2009).

Carl Gallagher, the second-youngest Gallagher sibling and troublemaker will be played by Cutkosky in the 2009 television series Shameless, whose protagonists will be played by Emmy Rossum and William H. Macy. So, Shameless is the longest-running original written series in Showtime’s history, having aired for 11 seasons through 2021. In addition to producing music, Cutkosky expanded his artistic identity in 2018 by founding his clothing line, Khaotic Collective. On July 16, 2021, Cutkosky released the track “Erase Me.”

Ethan Cutkosky’s Family Background

The only child of computer software developer David Cutkosky and teacher Yvonne Cabrera Cutkosky. Also, Ethan Francis Cutkosky, was born on August 19, 1999, in Campton Hills, Illinois. The mother of Cutkosky is of Mexican ancestry.

Ethan Cutkosky’s relationship status

Because he had success early, the young American star’s enormous popularity forces fans to bring up Ethan Cutkosky Girlfriend. So, in 2021, Ethan Cutkosky is dating Brielle Barbusca. They first got together in 2015. Also, the lovely Brielle Barbusca, the only child of Louie Barbusca and Debra Barbusca, was born on November 2, 1998. The younger brother of Brielle Barbusca is Thomas. Also, a professional actress who started as a teen is now in her twenties. Her partner, Ethan Cutkosky, is the love of her life. 

Brielle Barbusca began her career as a child actor and singer after talent agents spotted her photo in her uncle’s restaurant when she was three years old. She has additionally appeared in print and television advertisements for brands like Apple, Coke, Mattel, and Netflix. Brielle played Jaden Kagen in the television show “The Starter Wife.” She is expanding her acting profession and, as a result, reaching new heights.

Also, Ethan Cutkosky’s girlfriend, Brielle Barbusca, started acting very young. Five-year-old Brielle was the show’s lead and also appeared in “The Forgotten,” a children’s movie, in a supporting role. In 2015, Brielle Barbusca played a high school girl in the movie “Hitch.”

Ethan Cutkosky’s Background in Education

  Cutkosky went to Thompson Middle School in St. Charles, Illinois, and Bell Graham Elementary School in Campton Hills, Illinois. So, in St. Charles, Illinois, he attended St. Charles East High School. 


What is Ethan Cutkosky’s net worth?

His net worth is $1 million

Ethan Cutkosky, is he well off?

Ethan Cutkosky has a net worth of $1 million and works as an actor in the United States.

In season one, how old was Ethan Cutkosky?

Shameless is currently in its eleventh season, making Carl, who was only nine years old when the series premiered, 19 years old. So, Ethan Cutkosky, who plays Carl, was born in St. Charles, Illinois, on August 19, 1999.

Is Cameron Monaghan wealthy?

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