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“Love Island” Iain Stirling is prepared to voice “America, I’m coming for you,” a US television programme?

The comedic voice of Iain Stirling is a summertime favourite over in the UK. His Scottish accent is an indication that the popular dating programme “Love Island” is returning to television for several weeks of almost daily episodes in which young, trim, physically fit Europeans date one another in a Spanish villa while being recorded at every moment of the day.

While the programme is already well into its ninth season abroad (and is currently available to watch on Hulu in the United States), its American version will also return this month, albeit with a few alterations.

Beginning July 19, “Love Island” USA, which formerly aired six days a week on CBS, will stream practically nightly on Peacock, featuring a fresh group of islanders who are primarily from the United States.

With two new stars in charge—actor Sarah Hyland, who will host, and Stirling, who will perform the voiceover narration for the first time—it will appear and sound a little differently. Due to the simultaneous filming and airing of both programmes, Stirling will remotely write and narrate them.

Who is “Love Island’s” narrator?

Having provided his voice to all eight of the “Love Island” UK seasons that have aired since 2015, Iain Stirling, 34, is essentially synonymous with the show. He won’t have voiced an international show before.

The BAFTA-winning comedian, who is married to Laura Whitmore, the host of the UK version of “Love Island,” knew that some of the quips and phrases that are a staple of the British show won’t work for American viewers even before “Love Island” USA started filming.

The language will be the most difficult aspect, according to Stirling, who spoke to The Arizona Republic. “I have no idea what you even call it when someone mugs someone off. Even your response is unknown to me.

What do you call it when a boy mugs you off in America?

If you don’t know, to “mug off” someone is to treat them unfairly or dishonestly, particularly when it comes to love relationships. Here are some further comments Stirling made on joining “Love Island” USA and his opinions on how Season 8 of “Love Island” UK is progressing.

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