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Everything We Know About The Last of Us HBO Series

Sony is now bringing the stealthy and terrifying survival horror game to HBO in 2023, with some well-known personalities assisting. This comes nine years after they initially said they’d be developing a movie off of the video game The Last of Us, and seven years after those plans collapsed.

The Last of Us, a 2013 video game adaptation, is set in 2033, 20 years after the world’s population collapsed. As a result, society has been completely destroyed by a brain infection caused by a fungal disease that initially drives victims violently insane and feral before destroying their eyes and forcing them to use echolocation to locate humans and rip their throats out. Here is what we currently know about the upcoming adaptation.


In the video game The Last of Us, the tough-guy survivor Joel Miller is tasked with guiding a young woman called Ellie across the wasteland and to some medical professionals who think Ellie could hold the key to the plague’s cure. In the last of us They encounter the typical post-apocalyptic clichés as they travel from what used to be Boston to what’s left of Salt Lake City, including roving bands of the sick, a few cannibals, some enormous jerks, and a giraffe that escaped from a zoo and is taking advantage of the situation.

Although it’s anticipated that the show would largely adhere to the original game’s narrative, The Last of Us Part II, which takes place five years after the first game, may have some influence.

However, the series the last of us is anticipated to build upon the game’s plot as well, reportedly incorporating several ideas that were previously dropped from the game. Craig Mazin, the series the last of us co-creator and writer, said of Neil Druckmann, his Naughty Dog partner on the project: “You know, there’s one thing we were talking about [putting in the first game] for a while. It’s not like we just said, “Well, wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was one episode in the last of us where Joel and Ellie jump on bikes and confront a biker gang?'” he continued, “but rather to improve, not to undo.” Here in the last of us, there is no episodic bullshit. Fans of the game and new players will both enjoy how the elements we’re adding that are new and improving the plot are related in natural, meaningful ways.

The Last of Us nevertheless looks to be borrowing heavily from the game. The only video we’ve seen so far was recently displayed during a commercial promoting their future concerts, and it had numerous (though brief) images that were directly lifted from the game, including one of Joel cradling Ellie and another of a survivor by the name of Bill introducing himself. Unfortunately, there were no images of the crucial infection from the set of the last of us.

A few video game veterans, including a particular zombie we all know, are included in the cast that has been officially disclosed thus far. Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones, The Mandolorian), who has interactive expertise from voicing Paolo in the 2016 sly action game Dishonored 2, was cast as Joel’s father figure, while Bella Ramsey, who portrayed Freya in Doctor Who Infinity: The Dalek Invasion of Time, will play Ellie. Then there is Merle Dandridge from The Flight Attendant, who will reprise her role as Marlene from the original game (and briefly the second).

Veteran actors from television and video games like Gabriel Luna (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Terminator: Dark Fate), who played Tommy, Joel’s younger brother, in the game BlackSite: Area 51, and Anna Torv (Fringe, Mindhunter; pictured above), who provided the voice of Nariko in the action game Heavenly Sword and the animated film of the same name based on the game, will also join the cast.

Even some of the voice actors from The Last of Us video games will be part of the ensemble. The White Lotus’ Murray Bartlett and Chornobyl’s Con O’Neill will, according to Deadline, play “survivalists living alone in their own isolated town,” and Dumbo’s Nico Parker will guest star as Joel’s daughter, Sarah. Rounding out the cast is Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation who will play the aforementioned Bill. 

FAQ’s on The Last Of Us 

Where can I watch the TV program The Last of Us?

HBO is getting the program from PlayStation Productions and Naughty Dog. Thus, HBO and HBO Max in the United States are the only places to watch season one and afterward.

The Last of Us will have how many seasons?

A second season is likely if the first one is successful, according to Mazin. Rodnyansky predicted that the program will go for a number of seasons, while Kenney predicted that it would run for as many as eight. According to Druckmann, the first season will focus on the original game’s events.

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