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Everything you need to read about “61st Street”

61st Street is a topical and relevant narrative that parallels initiatives like Just Mercy, Clemency, and When They See Us, for which Ellis received an Emmy nomination. It follows Moses Johnson (Tosin Cole), a promising black high school athlete who becomes entangled in Chicago’s notoriously corrupt criminal court system. Taken into custody as a suspected gang member, he finds himself in the midst of the storm as cops and prosecutors seek vengeance for the murder of an officer during a botched cocaine bust. AMC has launched an authors’ studio for the television drama “61st Street” as part of its expansion screenplay methodology.

The series was revealed Saturday at the Television Critics Association winter press conference by showrunner and executive producer Peter Moffat, as well as executive producer Michael B. Jordan through his Outlier Society production brand.

“61st Street” is set in present-day Chicago and follows Moses Johnson, a brilliant high school athlete who becomes entangled in the infamously corrupt Chicago criminal court system. He is arrested as a gang member and soon finds himself in the midst of the storm as police and prosecutors seek vengeance for the murder of an officer during a botched cocaine bust.

Who will be playing the characters of 61st street?

Lieutenant Tardelli, a Chicago police lieutenant in charge of a tough, nasty squad, will be played by McCallany. He feels that no matter what, he must use force to protect the calm on the streets. Ellis will play Martha Roberts, a South Side alderman candidate who is quite good at convincing voters that her passion and ambition will be put to good use. Martha is the wife of Franklin Roberts (Vance) and a former stay-at-home mom to their autistic son, David. She is divided between her blossoming political career and her family’s demands. Scott will play Rocco Andretti, a legendary Chicago cop. When a murder happens on the streets after a botched drug bust, he is forced to reconsider his dedication to the police.

Vance portrays Franklin Roberts, a public defender nearing the end of his career who works in America’s busiest courthouse. Franklin recognizes Moses Johnson is the case of a lifetime after promising his wife he’d retire to spend more time with their 17-year-old autistic kid. Joshua, Moses’ younger brother, is played by Bentley Green. Ward-Hammond appears in several episodes as Norma Johnson, a cleaning lady at the local courthouse and devoted mother to her two kids, Moses (Cole) and Joshua (Green). Moses, a bright high school athlete, is dragged up into the notoriously corrupt Chicago criminal court system, shattering her life.

Outlier Society’s Jordan and Alana Mayo, as well as J. David Shanks, executive producer of 61st Street. Moffat is the showrunner and executive producer. AMC Studios Content Distribution will be in charge of global sales. McCallany, a Lights Out veteran, most recently acted as Bill Tench in David Fincher’s Netflix thriller Mindhunter. Next up for him are Guillermo del Toro’s Nightmare Alley and Jonathan Hensleigh’s The Ice Road. Buchwald, Atlas Artists, and attorney Rick Genow represent him.

Full Cast of 61st Street

Aunjanue Ellis, Mark O’Brian, Bentley Green, Jerod Haynes, Jarell Maximillian Sullivan, Ben Marten, Emily Althaus, Julian Parker, Holt McCallany, Courtney B. Vance, Andrene Ward-Hammond, David Parkes, Rebecca Spence, Tosin Cole, Jon Michael Hill, Jayson Lee, Kamal Angelo Bolden, Patrick Mulvey, Judah Abner Paul, Manuk Aret, Jamie Neumann, Michael Patrick Thornton, Giota Trakas, Dexton Cummings, Sammy A. Publes, Antoine Pierre, Rashada Dawan, Jeffrey Edwards, Rob Goeppner, Rey Hernandez, Javarius Conway, Michael Walton Jr., Jennifer Cudahy, Michael Pool, Auani Turner, Katharine Brumback, Challedon Saltor, Tiffany Bedwell, 61st Street, Jeremy Phillips, Kimberly LaChelle, John Judd, Madison Dirks, Deanna Reed-Foster, Colton Adams, Phil Tyler, Gisla Stringer, Julio Alexander, Timothy Hull, Elizabeth Furgason, Kevin Tre’von Patterson, Maxton Jones, Ajax Dontavius, Armani Rodin, Johnny Fiorentino, Branden King, Liliana Florea, Erin Minervini, Aj Brander, Justin Hillstrom, Andy McDermott, Dre Marquis, Samuel Evan Horowitz, Walter Coppage, Rinska Carrasco, Michael Mathis, Dana N. Anderson, Benny Mora, Daris Bass, Bradford S. Stevens, Marcus Hopkins-Turner, Michael Oilar, Hans Dieter Wolff and Alaina Davis.

Directors of 61st Street

Ramaa Mosley, Marta Cunningham, Darren Grant, Ali Selim, Michael Trim, Erin Freeley and Solvan Naim

Producers of 61st Street

Allison Davis, Jeff Freilich, Peter Moffat, Becky Page, Elizabeth Raposo, Annie Rhodes, Hilary Salmon, Stephanie Accetta, Michael B. Jordan, Alana Mayo, J. David Shanks and Marta Cunningham

The storyline of 61st street

61st Street, starring Tosin Cole, tells the story of Moses Johnson, a Black high school athlete in Chicago. He gets arrested and put into custody one day after being suspected of being a gang member. Moses Johnson’s lawyer, Franklin Roberts, is attempting to battle the city’s infamously corrupt court system. The incident occurs at the same time as prosecutors and police demand vengeance after an officer was killed during a narcotics operation.

When Will 61st Street Be Released?

Fortunately, we shouldn’t have to wait long to see 61st Street. The launch date for 61st Street has been set for April 10, 2022, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on AMC (The Walking Dead). On the debut day, the first two episodes will be available on AMC+ at the same time.

The remaining episodes will be released on a weekly basis. But, at the very least, folks can now sit back and count down the days (or weeks?) until they can see it.

According to the official description of the forthcoming TV series:

“61st Street is a thrilling drama from AMC Studios that takes place in the dark core of the iconic Chicago criminal justice system, as police and prosecutors investigate a tragic drug bust that threatens to undermine the police department’s code of silence.”

This series is intriguing because it shows systematic abuse and corruption in certain disadvantaged areas, as well as prejudice and racial profiling.

The Movie Trailer

The trailer for 61st Street was released on August 19, 2021. The teaser depicts Moses Johnson being framed, with the police arriving at his mother’s house and ordering her mother to beg Moses Johnson to submit himself. Instead, his mother instructs him to flee. If you are a hardcore fan of crime and thriller, we bet this can be your next favorite show to binge on, all you have to do is sit back and wait for April 10th!!


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