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Everything you need to read about “Atlanta” Season 3

Atlanta, now in its second season, has combined unique comedy with drama and surrealism to become one of the most original series on the air—and maybe the most unpredictable. The core premise (Earn discovers that his cousin Alfred is the blossoming rapper Paper Boi and decides to manage his career) is established, but it’s laced with humorously unexpected twists, which means that absolutely nothing about a future episode is telegraphed by the tale that came before it. When three years’ worth of pop cultural events are alluded to, the next season of Atlanta could be anything.

Glover has been tight-lipped on the next season, so how things play out remains to be seen. But here’s everything we know about Atlanta Season 3 right now.

What happened in Atlanta till now

Earn, Alfred, and Van (Zazie Beetz) were at a crossroads at the end of Atlanta Robbin’ Season. Van, who had become tired of Earn’s noncommittal methods and generally unsteady lifestyle, had now informed him that she intends to go to her mother’s house with their daughter, Lottie. Alfred, for one, was growing bored of Earn and had considered leaving him as his boss.

Earn, Alfred, and Darius were about to jet to Europe to tour with Clark County (RJ Walker), a cheesy but lowkey-ruthless rapper Alfred had just signed on to open for.

Earn discovers as they reach the airport and walk through TSA that he has neglected to take the Alligator Man’s gold-plated weapon from his rucksack, so he slips the gun into Clark County’s luggage so he will be in trouble instead.

Earn, Alfred, and Darius board the plane, and Alfred informs Earn that he saw him transfer the gun and commends him on the action. Earn’s error was an example of his occasional stupidity, but the manner he handled the situation demonstrated a ruthlessness and commitment that Alfred admires. Alfred claims that in a dog-eat-dog world, they are all they have.

After which Earn’s alliance along with Alfred appears to be safe at the end of Season 2. But, as is usually the case, everything else in his life isn’t going well.

What we know about Atlanta’s season 3 so far?

Atlanta’s third season was supposed to premiere in January 2021, but the COVID-19 epidemic apparently made that impossible, creating production delays. According to FX Networks chief John Landgraf, Glover and his team were able to create the scripts for Seasons 3 and 4 during the epidemic, so they’re currently filming them back to back. Season 3’s ten episodes were shot in Europe, and Season 4 is expected to have eight episodes. While Glover hasn’t revealed many specifics about Season 3, he has periodically commented on its excellence. He appears to be confident in what he’s written thus far.

“While I’m here: ‘Atlanta’ s3+s4 will be some of the finest television ever created,” Glover tweeted last October.

While we wait for further information on Atlanta Season 3, we have gathered some suggestions for what we could see during the third season based on statements made by the creators as well as ideas based on how the first two seasons have developed. Here’s a quick rundown of our opinions on what Atlanta Season 3 may look like.

Atlanta Season 3 Trailer

When will Season 3 of Atlanta be released?

We finally know when we can expect more Earn and Paper Boi shenanigans. Atlanta Season 3 will air on March 24, 2022, according to FX. The show is returning to our screens after four long years, so be excited and mark your calendars for Thursdays this spring, as the show airs weekly. (It will also be accessible on Hulu.)

While we’re grateful to be seeing any Atlanta after such a long absence, there’s still more to come. FX Networks and FX Productions chairman John Landgraf stated at a Television Critics Association press tour in August 2021 that Season 4 is already written and in production throughout the summer of 2021.

What will Atlanta Season 3 be about?

As a social commentary on race and class disguised as a show about a rising rapper that regularly experiments and deviates from its plot episode to episode—including one of its bests difficult it’s to predict what will happen in Atlanta’s next seasons. But one thing is certain: it will continue to follow the never-ending battle of Earn and Al attempting to make it and failing terribly at the hands of the music industry, systematic racism, and Earn’s own terrible decision making.

More broadly, the showrunners stated that they intend to highlight more women’s storylines in the future. Van, played by Zazie Beetz, is a lead on the show, but just one episode (the magnificent “Champagne Papi”) has been entirely centred on her and her companions. Expect more of these and other similar scenarios in Season 3, as writer/producer Stephen Glover told THR that the show has “some fantastic concepts… that’ll put some more women on screen.” “There’s a really distinct viewpoint from the Atlanta lady that I think we’re going to explore in Season 3,” he remarked.

It’s difficult to say what it means right now, but we may feel thrilled knowing that it’s expected to exceed expectations.

Who is returning for Season 3 of Atlanta?

Almost everyone from the original cast will return. Without Donald Glover as Earn, Brian Tyree Henry as Paper Boi, LaKeith Stanfield as Darius, and Zazie Beetz as Van, the sitcom wouldn’t be the same. It would also be appropriate to see more of RJ Walker, who portrays Clark County, the emerging rapper that Paper Boi was going to accompany on tour at the close of Season 2. Matthew Barnes, who portrays Lucas, the Clark County manager seeking to sign Paper Boi, may also return.

Full Cast of Atlanta

Dona Glover, Brian Tyree Henry, LaKeith Stanfield, Zazie Beetz, Khris Davis, RJ Walker, Harold House Moore, Matthew Barnes, Myra Lucretia Taylor, Cranston Johnson, Griffin Freeman, Derrick Haywood, Brandon Hirsch, Diane Sellers, Emmett Hunter, Monique Grant, Dennis L.A. White, Rick Holmes, Ashley John, Erskine C. Johnson III, Terri Abney, Tony J. Scott, Tamika Parrish, Orvalle Williams, Tywain Titus, Hugh Coles, Niles Stewart, Alkoya Brunson, Robert S. Powell, Cassandra Freeman, Tim McAdams, Abraham Clinkscales, Nicci T. Carr, Jane Adams, Alano Miller, Antoinette Robertson, Freddie Kuguru, Aubin Wise, Adriyan Rae, Katt Williams, Myles Truitt, Jahzir Bruno, Angela Wildflower, Jessica Tillman, Luke Forbes, Paloma Guzmán, Mary Kraft, Danny Chung, Candace B. Harris, Tyree Edwards, Danielle Deadwyler, Blair Busbee, Reggie Alvin Green, Chris Jarell, Sherrie Peterson, Christian Chase Jones, Russ Vick, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Austin Crute, Qaasim Middleton, Ira Carmichael, Armie Hicks Jr., Angela Ray, Jonathan Blanchard, Gail Bean, Bryan McClure, Christian Anderson, Jasun Jabbar Wardlaw Jr., Kristina Arjona, Jerusha Cavazos, Marcus j Samuel, Jay Harmon, Demise Harp, Clark Harris, Montrel Miller, Dale Jennings, Zerrick Williams, Lloyd Polite, De’Anthony Turner, Milton Crosby, Bret E. Benson, Jason Allen Sylvain, Moses Jones, Hye Jin Jang, Jennifer Choe, Ashley Lauren Thomas, Frederick Williams, Alvin Ashby, Nadjah Dabney, Jelani Lofton, Jaleel White, Lucius Baston, Fernando Martinez, Damita Jane Howard, Paul Brian Johnson, Precious Bright, Gregory Keith Grainger, Hope Jones, Victor Bowie, Jason Burkey, Adam Stephenson, Michael Vick, Mia Atehortua, Teryn Simmons, Ayo Jozey Iso, Q. Coleman, Damian Lamar Lockhart, Traeger Simpson, Austin Lowe, Jade Fernandez, Milli M., Quavo, Jessica A. Caesar, Chris Greene, Renell Gibbs, Tyshon Freeman, Jejuan Smith, Sam Martin, Antwan Mills, Joshua Brady, Teisha Speight, Joslyn Y Hall, Tequilla Whitfield, Deontae Q. Vaughn, Treylan Newton, Alexandra Huff, Solomon Simmons, Ralph Wilcox, Avis-Marie Barnes, Njema Williams, Tonia Jackson, Takeoff, Taj-Naranja Jenkines, Roscoe Johnson, Geoffrey D. Williams, Shariff Earp, Philipp Maximilian, Jonathon Pawlowski, Sir Brodie, Jacob Crawford, Brianna Adamson, David Watts, Perris Drew, Marquez Jackson, Walnette Marie Santiago, Offset, Alan Boell, Darryl W. Handy, Stephen Caudill, Eugene H. Russell IV, Joan Q. Scott, Brittany Level, David Krona Writter, Erin Ownbey, Donald Paul, Brianna Butler, Greta Glenn, Christian Adam, James Rackley, Anthony Jaylon Mayfield, Dawn Halfkenny, Vincent M. Ward, Nicoye Banks, Lil’ Zane, Mike Whaley, Jeremy Denzel, Richard Kohberger, Craig Elliott Williams, Nate Tong, Melissa Saint-Amand, Chris Mayers, Kevin Waterman, Brittany Wilkerson, Tim Johnson, Esosa Idahosa, Walter K. Jordan, Johnnie Gordon, Tobias Jelinek, Caroline Arapoglou, Morgan Brown, Lorenzo Yearby, PJ, Michael Shikany, Jalyn Hall, Tiffany Denise Hobbs, Thom Scott II, Trey Best, Kia Shine, Markell Williams, Danny Vinson, Leon Lamar, Swift Rice, Jessica Perez, Dajour Ashwood, Clint Magby, Alan T. Coleman, Kenneth Israel, Daniel Annone, Dylan Cheek, Summer Rose Ly, Aidan Singh, Vonii Bristow, Crystal Alicia Garrett, Talbott Lin, Kenneth Nance Jr., Quincy Ruckerm, Kenneth De Abrew, Jordane Christie, Conphidance, Nick J. McNeil, Bryce Hitchcock, Grady Port, Jody Vain, Josh Ventura, Al-Jaleel Knox, Glenn Magee, Aysia Moorer, Christopher Harvey, Sharon Blackwood, Alan Heckner, Carlos Guerrero, Anthony G Breed, Andrene Ward-Hammond, Kontravious Harrell, Joshua Morgan Wilson, Kailyn Gainer, Kerri J. Baldwin, Monet A. Chandler, Bobby ‘JoJo’ White, Whitney Anderson, David Silverman, Taron Germany, Brittany Inge, Julienne Irons, A’Nya Schofield, Amora McClintock, Zach AL-Chokhachi, Robert Hendren, Aj Carr, Joshua D. Black, Diane Kirby, Priah Ferguson, Princess Mbanuzue, Charles Walton, Joel Ray Ishman, Carlette Jennings, Seth Schenall, Pierre T. Curry, Lauren Garrett, Edwin Walker, Brandon Cantilang, Dave Willis, Ed Silvera, Keegan Hunt, Raheem Babalola, Cree Summer, Keena Ferguson, Kevin Michael Richardson, Jason Jamal Ligon, Joseph Lewis, Elizabeth Davidovich, Migos, Darian Fisher, Ryan J. Lewis, Sean Gilder, Aaron Heffernan, Daniel Fathers, Chloë Kerwin, Selina Youngerman, Daniel De Bourg, Jan Le, Jerome Beazer, Toby Dixon, Lev Levermore, Josephine Samson, Sullivan Jones, Teresa L. Graves, Yanelisa, Brenda Howard, Shalom C. Obiago, Mike Dolphy, Jameshia T. Bankston, Mason Pike, Jamel Chambers, Marisol Correa, Stella Doyle, Dana Jay, Aaron Tyler, Onyx Simpson, Ryan Newton, Jonah Liam Slade, Jason Simon, Deaven Brooks, Roy Coulter, Jesse Yarborough, Key Jones, Marlene B. Russell, Victor Bowie, Calan Bryant, Chakahier A.M. Oliver, Cecil Love, Benjamin Weaver, Milton Saul, Amethyst Davis, Ashley Geanett Priest, Clarence Powell, Dwayne ‘Showtim3’ Dyke Jr., Jess Marie Carr, Curtis Gammage, Gwen Hughes, Alexander Williams-Green, Tyler Boronski, Kymoura Kennedy, Sarah Fawaz, Troy Simon, Ryan Austin Bryant and Lauren Michele

Directors of Atlanta

Hiro Murai, Donald Glover, Amy Seimetz and Janicza Bravo

Producers of Atlanta

Stephen Glover, Donald Glover, Dianne McGunigle, Hiro Murai, Alex Orr, Paul Simms, Kaitlin Waldron, Tim Honiball, Stefani Robinson, Peter Oberth and Kazha Hornsby

Is Season 4 Atlanta’s final season?

It’s time to bid Alfred, Earn, Darius, and Van farewell. The Hollywood Reporter reported in February 2022 that FX CEO John Landgraf has declared Season 4 of Atlanta will be the comedy’s last season. At this point, after the programme has been on the air for four years and each key cast member’s career has skyrocketed, it should come as no surprise that the series is coming to an end. Since the show’s most recent episodes, Donald Glover has been connected to Amazon Prime projects, including a Mr. and Mrs. Smith series; LaKeith Stanfield has been nominated for an Oscar; while Brian Tyree Henry and Zazie Beetz have only gotten greater and bigger parts.

Although, The Season 4 of Atlanta has already begun filming, as previously stated. It is expected to be released soon after Season 3. Knowing Atlanta, we can only expect the programme to end on a high note.

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