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Everything you need to read about “Gaslit”

The unsung story of ambitious fools and overconfident fanatics who toppled a president diverts our attention away from the genuine heroine at the core of the story.

The Watergate crisis has been the subject of decades of Hollywood unravelling, romanticising, and analysing. We’ve seen every facet of this terrible moment in American history played on television, from All the President’s Men to Frost/Nixon to The Post. Gaslit, a new Starz series, takes a unique, twisted, and at times comedic approach to unraveling the controversy by concentrating on Nixon’s stupid, self-serving, and insane lackeys, who carried out his will with astounding inefficiency.

The new Starz drama Gaslit, on the other hand, will be airing with an aim to portray a different type of Watergate tale, concentrating on the lesser-known individuals and facets of the era-defining political disaster. Here’s all we know about Gaslit thus far.

The podcast inspiration behind “Gaslit”

Slate’s Slow Burn podcast, now in its fifth season, focused on the lesser-known Watergate tales in its initial season. “A modern retelling of the Watergate scandal that concentrates on the scandal’s gaslit unwritten stories and forgotten characters—from Nixon’s inept, opportunistic subordinates to the deranged zealots helping and abetting him.” their crimes, to the tragic whistle-blowers who would eventually bring the whole rotten enterprise crashing down,” according to the synopsis which gaslit has been highly inspired by.

Mr. Robot showrunner Sam Esmail of gaslit, who previously worked with Roberts on another podcast adaption, Amazon’s Homecoming, devised the program, which will be an ongoing anthology series gaslit. The protagonist will be Robbie Pickering, who has previously collaborated with Esmail.

Has Dan Stevens taken over Armie Hammer’s job as “Gaslit”?

Hammer was originally cast in the role of John Dean in Gaslit, a young White House attorney who is divided between his ambition and his conscience when he is pressed to lie to preserve Nixon. Hammer abandoned the film in January due to a schedule difficulty, according to Deadline, just weeks before he was accused of sexual misconduct and assault. Those charges have been refuted by Hammer.

Gaslit focuses on the women whose tales are generally overlooked in traditional Watergate retellings.

Pickering told journalists at a TCA Press tour panel in February that “the women in this affair have been kind of neglected, for the Woodwards and Bernsteins and Nixons and Deans.” “It’s a pity that so few people know Martha’s story, and I’m hoping that after watching gaslit they will know it better”

“I don’t believe it was a mistake that the women who played such a significant role in this debate were ignored and suppressed,” he continues, “and that’s one of the reasons why.”,” he says, “and that’s one of the reasons why I found the gaslit tale intriguing when I listened to the Slow Burn podcast, that this was obviously by design.”

What is “Gaslit” based on?

From Nixon’s inept and opportunistic subordinates to the crazed fanatics aiding and abetting their crimes to the tragic whistleblowers who would finally bring the whole rotten business crashing down, the series focuses on the unseen tales and forgotten people of the scandal.

“We preserve the truth of the grey zones,” Betty Gilpin, who plays Mo Dean, remarked at the show’s virtual TCA event. I dislike it when the overcorrection is to simply give the ladies all of the answers. We used to get no responses. Women are still battling with the challenges that women have faced in 1972.”

The series allowed Dan Stevens, who portrays John Dean, the opportunity to “play more than a historical entry,” he discussed how he thinks its easy to read a book or a Wikipedia page, but there are human tales that demonstrate the depth which can be introduced better in gaslit. 

Robbie Pickering developed and executive produced Gaslit, which is based on the first season of Slate’s Slow Burn podcast.

Pickering, a self-described Nixon aficionado, claimed that even the piece’s heroes were

racist and misogynistic. Conservative ladies like Martha have always piqued my interest. You want to support them because a woman in this movement is punk rock, but they’re also punk rock for bad things.

When will “Gaslit” release?

The complete trailer for the program, which will air in April, is now available. Whereas, on the 24th of April Gaslit will premiere on Starz’s streaming platform. It will also air on Starz at 8 p.m. ET earlier that evening.

Cast and Crew of “Gaslit”

The cast will be led by Julia Roberts and Sean Penn, who will portray the husband and wife in Gaslit. The Starz synopsis of gaslit describes Roberts as Martha Mitchell, “a celebrity Arkansan socialite and wife of Nixon’s faithful Attorney General, John Mitchell, in gaslit who has “a large personality with an even louder voice. Regardless of her political background, she was the first to publicly raise concerns about Nixon’s role in Watergate, which threw the presidency and her personal life into disarray.

Elsewhere, Penn stars as Attorney General John Mitchell, a merciless guy in gaslit whose Achilles heel is his love for his outspoken wife, and in gaslit his character is forced to choose between her and the President. Dan Stevens as John Dean, and Shea Whigham, Betty Gilpin as Mo Dean as G. Gordon Liddy round out the cast of gaslit.

Sam Esmail, via his overall agreement with UCP, and Chad Hamilton acted as executive producers of gaslit under their production name Esmail Corp. Matt Ross director and executive producer. Roberts, along with co-executive producers Lisa Gillan and Marisa Yeres Gill, executive produced the film under her business Red Om Films. Slate’s Gabriel Roth and Josh Levin, as well as Anonymous Content, executive produced.UCP is the company that makes Gaslit.

Full Cast of “Gaslit”

Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, Dan Stevens, Shea Whigham, Darby Camp, Nat Faxon, Patrick R. Walker, Carlos Valdes, Chris Conner, Brian Geraghty, Patton Oswalt, Nelson Franklin, Reed Diamond, Adam Ray, Raphael Sbarge, Erinn Hayes, Billy Smith, Betty Gilpin, Allison Tolman, J.C. MacKenzie, Aleksander Filimonovic, Anne Dudek, Don DiPetta, Scott Michael Morgan, Jordi Caballero, Oscar Torre, Chris Bauer, Asha Kamali, Stephen Todt, Johnny Berchtold, Jeff Doucette, Danny Winn, Ericka Kreutz, Rachelle Henry, Hugh B. Holub, David Eisen, Korbin Marum, Josh Covitt, Mo Allen, Hamish Linklater, Jenny Tran, Chris Messina, Kat Foster, Nate Corddry, Beth Hall, Jake Satow, Thomas R. Baker, Beth Malone, Chris Jai Alex, Stephanie Nash, Emma Jessop, Andrew Patrick Ralston, Matt Kaminsky, Donald Li, Nika Burnett, Philip Orazio, Ivan Martin, Shannon Dee, Ianthe Marini, Ellen Karsten, Charley Rossman, Sarah Elizabeth Jensen, Alan Heitz, Kayden Brenna Tokarski, Frankie Corzo, River Drosche, Claudia Zie, G. Larry Butler, Adam Foster Ballard, Megan Liu, Allan Wayne Anderson, Jerry Hernandez, Cronin Cullen, Pat Asanti, Cinda Adams, Aaron Anastasi, Lisa Carswell, Christopher Mychael, Doug Hurley, Cecilia Diamond, Oscar Jordan, Stefan Marks, Michael McCartney, Todd Aaron Brotze, Leena Kurishingal, Vincent Di Paolo, Ross MacKenzie, Benjamin Mackey, Kandiss Crone, Ian Gary, Alisha Lomax, Cindy Chase, Logan Coffey, Yana Sheuko, Kees DeVos, Harley Jay, Dave Beaudrie, Aaron Goddard, Mike Aviles, Michael Paul King, Vince Cefalu, Romero J. Royster, Dominic Daniel, Johnny Ahmanson, Edie Monroy, Alex Wexo, Daniel Holm and Frank Scozzari.

Directors of “Gaslit”

Matt Ross

Producers of “Gaslit”

Caroline James, Amelia Gray, Joel Edgerton, Nash Edgerton, Sam Esmail, Marisa Yeres Gill, Lisa Roberts Gillan, Chad Hamilton, Josh Levin, Robbie Pickering, Julia Roberts, Matt Ross and Gabriel Roth

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