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Fans can’t wait since Netflix announces season 4 of Sex Education to arrive in 2023. 

We haven’t seen our cherished sex-crazed youngsters and their similarly insane instructors and parents in over a year since season three of Sex Education concluded with more than one huge shock. We eagerly await the next chapter of the original Netflix series.

Even though the concept of Sex Education has evolved since its first season, Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield), who has inherited his mother’s skill for sex therapy, teams up with social misfit Maeve Wiley to establish an underground sex education clinic at their school, Moordale.

Moordale gained a reputation as the famed “sex school” as Otis and Maeve’s friends explored their sexuality over the course of the preceding three seasons, and by the end of season three, both the informal clinic and Moordale itself had collapsed.

Quick Run-Through Season 3 of Sex-Education 

In the season finale of Sex Education season 3, Otis and Maeve ultimately get together before breaking up. Maeve then departs for the US for a study program during the summer, closing another chapter in their will-they-won’t-they romance. Therefore, Season 4 will investigate whether or not separation has made either of their hearts grow fonder.

Eric and Adam split up in a different scenario from the season 3 finale because Eric found it hard to bond with someone who doesn’t accept them for who they are. In addition, Jean has a hemorrhage during giving birth and gives birth before she has time to recuperate from surgery.

season 4 of Sex Education

In season 4, it’s likely that we’ll witness the effects of the paternity test result since she also receives the results.

The plot of Sex Education Season 4

There is still a lot of space for the story to expand even if Moordale ended at the end of season 3 with all the students probably being divided up to different universities to finish their A-Levels.

Otis and Eric now confront a fresh challenge after Moordale, For all of the Moordale students, though, Cavendish is a cultural shock because while they felt they were progressive, this new college is on an entirely another level. The college’s student-led, non-competitive approach completely surprises Viv, while Jackson is still having trouble moving past Cal. By enrolling in an art A Level, Aimee tries something new, and Adam questions whether traditional education is right for him.

Maeve is pursuing her goal in the US at the prestigious Wallace University, where cult novelist Thomas Molloy is her professor. Otis is adjusting to not being the only child at home or the lone therapist at school, while yearning for their mom. She left for America soon after, even though Maeve and Otis finally decided to take action at the end of season 3. Although Maeve will surely make a comeback, it appears likely that she won’t be seen for at least a chunk of the season given that her on-screen counterpart Emma Mackey is now filming the Barbie movie. So by the time she comes back, we can anticipate seeing how Otis copes without her and if they end up becoming involved.

Season 4 of Sex Education: Release Updates from Netflix 

season 4 of Sex Education

Although a release date for Sex Education season 4 hasn’t been announced, all signs point to an early 2023 winter premiere.

Shortly after the third season’s September 2013 launch, Sex Education’s fourth season was revealed through its official Twitter account. Prior to season 3, which had production and filming delays because of the pandemic, Sex Education had a January release date.

Faqs on Sex Education Season 4 

Sex Education Season 4: Is it happening?

Sex Education was renewed for a fourth season on September 25, 2021, which was eight days after the third series’ debut. As of October 2022, neither the anticipated launch date nor the status of the series production has been announced.

What can we anticipate from Sex Education Season 4?

You can read Sex Education season 4’s complete synopsis, which was also released by The Hollywood Reporter through Netflix, below: Otis and Eric now confront a fresh challenge after Moordale. With the new college in sex education season 4 giving the kids cultural shocks. 

Where can I watch Sex Education Season 4 online?

Sex Education Season 4 will be exclusively available on Netflix when it is released, and all prior seasons will also be available there with a variety of subscription choices.

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